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Has Goldberg been watching his Broserweights tapes? An investigation

You knew Matt Riddle wasn’t going to let Goldberg’s big win at Super ShowDown go without comment. Regardless of what Bill says, that’s his bro!

Matt’s just taking the piss out of his favorite Hall of Fame punching bag, of course. But maybe Riddle also has a point. Is the new Universal champ biting The Bro & his new love Pete Dunne’s style?

Rather than just embed that tweet like an amateur, I - someone who somehow gets paid to write about this madness - decided to do a little compare and contrast.

Goldberg may be trying to hold his belt like The Bruiserweight. He needs to practice more, but the intent could be there...

... or his hands could be sweaty. Or sore. He did have to get Bray Wyatt up for his finishing move! Matt complimented Goldberg on his jackhammer, but that was sarcasm. This one’s pretty clear:

Oh wait, that’s the wrong video. Sorry, they look a lot alike.

Last but not least, the sign. Perhaps the language barrier caused that Saudi fan to misspell his effort to encourage Goldberg and Riddle to make peace. Or, he could have just been a fan of Marvel Comics’ Broo, the former Jean Grey School for Higher Learning student and current Agent of Wakanda...

Or perhaps he’s learned about fear from watching Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule and wanted to scare Bill?

Who knows? But the evidence laid out here is pretty clear. I think we can say with a high degree of confidence that Goldberg has not been watching Broserweight tapes.

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