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Ricochet had zero offense in his loss to Brock Lesnar

And they say this company can’t build new stars.


The story regarding the WWE title match at Super ShowDown today (Feb. 27) emanating from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was if Ricochet had a chance.

He hadn’t been booked too strong headed into the match. Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre was already waiting for Lesnar. So the match itself would have to try to make us believe for a moment that Ricochet may actually win this match.

It did not do that at all.

Ricochet came out of the blocks with a drop kick that Brock Lesnar just swatted aside like he was a bug. Then the champ went to work. A couple German Suplexes and an F5. 1-2-3.

Ricochet had zero offense in this squash match. That’s going to do him no favors at all. He looks worse coming out of this than he did going in. It’s a loss he’ll have to recover from.

And he wondered in hype video prior why we didn’t give him a chance.

Now onto Lesnar vs. McIntyre, who has to fare better than this.

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