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TakeOver: Tampa gets a women’s ladder match

NXT needed something for their women’s division to focus on while their champion feuds with Charlotte Flair ahead of their match at WrestleMania 36. Especially after tonight’s main event made it clear that was going to be a strictly two-person affair.

So General Manager William Regal (in kayfabe; in reality he probably had some help) came up with a plan.

It’s a good plan, as it keeps the title in focus while the Flair storyline plays out, and builds to a big match at the brand’s own show during ‘Mania week. The match Regal announced for April 4 will utilize four several* members of NXT’s deepest division. And the way those four wrestlers will be determined creates more opportunities to showcase the women on weekly television on the road to TakeOver: Tampa.

Qualifying matches for the 4Way #1 contender ladder match start next week.

Let us know what you think of the plan, who you think should be involved, and who should win.

* No idea where I got the idea this was a fourway. WWE has not announced the number of competitors in the match. Apologies for the bad information.

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