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Goldberg says Matt Riddle is ‘like a booger that gets caught in your nose’

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WWE Network

Goldberg is getting ready to face Bray Wyatt for the Universal title on Thurs., Feb. 27 at Super ShowDown in Riyadh, but he can’t escape Matt Riddle.

The WWE Hall of Famer was interviewed via Facebook video for Israel’s Total Slam earlier this month. It’s a nice conversation, with Bill running through the usual story about returning to wrestling so his son could watch him perform. He mentions possibly having his retirement match in Israel one day. Then the hosts just had to bring up Riddle and the infamous SummerSlam run-in chronicled on WWE Network.

Here’s what he had to say about The Bro who’s not his bro:

“He [Riddle]’s like a booger that gets caught in your nose. He’s just annoying and won’t go away. But he has nothing to do - no bearing whatsoever on Goldberg’s life. Period. End of story.”

It might be the end of the story for Bill G., but something tells me Matt might have some fun with this quote. So it’s probably not the end of the story for us.