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Kairi Sane got married!

Congratulations to former NXT Women’s and current WWE Women’s Tag Team champion Kairi Sane. Both she and WWE announced that she was married earlier today (Feb. 22) to her long-time fiance.

The note shared in the company’s tweet indicates the couple’s been in a long-distance relationship for some time, and Sane notes her commitment to continuing as a pro wrestler. In a Twitter exchange with fellow tag champ Asuka, it’s clear she’ll be back in the U.S. soon. Considering recent rumors about Kairi considering options outside WWE, and Stardom’s new parent company’s interest in bringing her back to Japan - that’s good news for fans who like seeing her on Raw.

Sane and her friend & former tag partner Io Shirai also tweeted back-and-forth about the big news.

Join us in wishing all the best to Kairi and her new hubby!