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WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland results, live streaming match coverage: Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa, more!

WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Feb. 16, 2020) at 7 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver: Portland below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show comes our way from Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, and it's offering up the usual stacked card. While you're waiting for the show to begin, dig into our predictions - as well as a preview of the entire card!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!



Adam Cole def. Tommaso Ciampa

Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle def. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly

Rhea Ripley def. Bianca Belair

Finn Bálor def. Johnny Gargano

Dakota Kai def. Tegan Nox

Keith Lee def. Dominik Dijakovic


In this strange existence everybody’s hit with so much pain and society seems to be set up to make us insane. You’re my moral compass, you’re my saviour, that’s what’s real. I want you in my arms forever, that’s just how I feel, but unfortunately I need both my arms to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for the people.

The show proper begins with a slightly maudlin video package about the price wrestlers pay in sweat and blood.

Poppy then plays a medley of songs to kick the show off.

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Keith Lee (c) (NXT North American Championship)

Basking begins immediately as Lee conducts the crowd in a singalong before squaring up with Dijakovic. Collar and elbow, Keith goes for a wristlock but Dominik reverses to a side headlock. Shot off, drop down, roll over, pass into the ropes, criss-cross, drop down, catch the Cyclone Kill, up and over and Lee catches him! Dijak slips out, Keith shrugs off a lariat... BIG MAN FRANKENSTEINER!

Duck the spinning wheel kick, off the ropes, shoulder block nothin’, another one and the big men square up again! Knucklelock, Lee elevates him up Ricky Steamboat style and Dijak fires off an overhand chop! Keith won’t let go, whip across, leapfrog, drop down, Cyclone Kill connects this time! Dom eyes him up, off the ropes... SASUKE SPECIAL BUT LEE CATCHES HIM! POWERBOMB LIFT BUT TALL DON FLOATS OVER!

Whip into the post stopped short, wristlock, hard back elbow... SUPLEX INTO THE APRON! Back inside, jawing away, big forearms from Dijakovic, looking for a suplex but Keith pries his hand off and hammers him with forearms of his own! Backbreaker sets up a German suplex, fireman’s carry to follow but Dominik elbows his way out. Boot to the face, Stinger Splash in return, another Cyclone Kill and a giant step!

Dom headed up top... CORKSCREW MOONSAULT IS ONLY GOOD FOR TWO! Drawing the champion up, Lee slips out, both men staggered and trading shots, Keith fires up and lariats him cold in the throat! Both men go for lariats at the same time and stumble! Dijak lands a followup lariat that sends Lee under the ropes! Jockeying for position over the ropes, clubbing away in the corner, Dominik gets him in a fireman’s carry... AVALANCHE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER BUT KEITH LEE IS LIMITLESS AND WILL NOT TASTE DEFEAT!

Getting Keith in the corner, lighting him up with elbows but he explodes out... POUNCE! Tall Don falls to the floor, Lee follows after and clobbers him with elbows and the double overhand chop! Dijak turns it around, puts Lee in a chair and hits a superkick before heading up top... CANNONBALL TO THE FLOOR! Back inside, Dom lies in wait but Keith gets under him, fireman’s carry, Dijak fighting like mad and he lands on his feet!

Superkick, goozle... KEITH LEE PRIES HIS HAND OFF HIS THROAT AND GOOZLES HIM RIGHT BACK! Dijak lands on his feet, goes for the goozle, so does Lee... SPIRIT BOMB! DIJAKOVIC POPS UP! LEE DUCKS A RUNNING KNEE, DEADLIFT... TWO SPIRIT BOMBS ISN’T ENOUGH TO KEEP DOM DOWN! Wristlock, dragging Dijak over, headed up top but Dominik pushes him off the top and to the floor.

Back up top, jockeying for position again... BIG MAN SPANISH FLY OFF THE TOP ONLY GETS TWO WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Argentine backbreaker rack but Dijak’s back gives out! Second try, same result, Lee hosses him up...

Keith Lee wins by pinfall with Ground Zero to retain the NXT North American Championship.

Post-match, Lee helps Dijakovic to his feet and draws him in for a hug.

Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Knox (Street Fight)

Kai attacks Nox during her entrance, which is what she gets frankly, because Dakota wore street clothes and Tegan showed up in her gear. Fighting through the crowd, Nox puts Kai through the barricade but Dakota hits a DDT after and we get in the ring for the bell!

Cover for two, to the floor, trapping Tegan’s leg in the steps, Kai gets a cricket bat but Nox manages to block and hit her hard! Putting boots to her on the floor, trash can over her head, dropkick into it, in the ring for a two count! Tegan gets a table out from under the ring and sets it up on the floor. Headed back inside, Kai cuts her off and pops her up on the apron before smashing her in the face with a trash can lid!

Back inside, stepping on Nox’s neck, putting her on the apron and lining her up for the boot but she ducks it and nails her with a trio of superkicks! Trash can shots to the flank and the back... GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE TRASH CAN FOR TWO! Kai gets a nearfall and heads to the apron, looking for a running knee with the braced knee but Tegan trips her up!

Headed up top, jockeying for position... AVALANCHE CHOKESLAM SETS UP A SOMERSAULT LEG DROP BUT DAKOTA KICKS OUT! Opening a chair up, she sets Dakota’s neck in the opening and goes for a boot but she ducks and kicks the chair into Tegan’s face! Smashing her face into the post... KAI’S GOT DUCT TAPE AND SHE’S TAPING TEGAN’S ARM TO THE TURNBUCKLE! BOOT TO THE FACE!

Kai gets a laptop from the timekeeper’s area but Nox gets it from her and hits her in the bad knee with it! Getting a length of chain out from under the ring, she whips Dakota in the knee with it before wrapping her first and punching away! Tearing at Kai’s brace, following it up... THE SHINIEST WIZARD! But she’s not done yet and she heads to the floor to get the table.

She folds it up and brings it into the ring, opening it back up and setting it up in the corner. She lays Dakota across it and horsecollars her with a chair before heading up top... REINA (NOW RAQUEL) GONZALEZ IS HERE! She cuts Nox off and knocks Kai off the table... SHE CHOKESLAMS TEGAN OFF THE TOP AND THROUGH THE TABLE! Dakota capitalizes...

Dakota Kai wins by pinfall with a lateral press.

We see Rhea Ripley preparing for her match backstage.

Commentary announces the next NXT UK TakeOver in Dublin, Ireland on April 26.

Finn Balor vs. Johnny Gargano

Circling, collar and elbow, Balor shoves him down, wristlock into an armbar, reversed into a schoolboy for one. Test of strength, Gargano with a keylock, Finn reverses to a headscissors and that gets reversed to a side headlock. Back to the headscissors and Balor does push-ups to wrench it in! Johnny gets out, dropkick into a side headlock takeover.

Whip reversed, sunset flip, Balor rolls through but Gargano hits a kick and follows it with the schoolboy roll-through kick! Finn presses the attack, one-count of his own, forearms in the corner, whip across, charging chops, Johnny with a boot up! Chops of his own in the corner, punches, lighting Balor up, Finn gets to the apron, charging... SPEAR ON THE APRON!

Fighting on the floor, chopping away at Balor, throwing him back inside but Finn slips back out and hits Sling Blade! Back inside, overhead elbows set up a basement dropkick that’s only good for one! Overhead elbows, cutthroat choke... GARGANO COUNTERS WITH DIVORCE COURT! Shoulder armbreaker, looking to capitalize, charging in, back body drop to the apron, Balor catches the enzuigiri and hits a dragon screw!

Leglock applied, Gargano reverses to a cross armbar but Finn pops up with a stomp! Hanging his leg on the middle rope, Balor jumps up and stomps the pit of the knee! Seated senton targets the leg in similar fashion, another one, Johnny blocks a third, Finn back in, small package for two! Roll-through into the kick again, Finn reverses to stomps to the knee and a deathlock!

Wrenching it in, Gargano gets away and hits an enzuigiri, inverted backbreaker, gourdbuster, roundhouse kick, off the ropes with a lariat! Off the ropes, Balor cathces a suicide dive and goes for 1916 but Johnny puts him into the steel steps! CANNONBALL OFF THE APRON! Back inside, Superman Spear gets two! Putting boots to Finn in the corner, setting him up top, Lawn Dart denied!

Off the ropes, satellite into the inverted headlock elbow drop... STILL NO! Stomps to Johnny under the ropes, he goes to the floor and comes back in looking for the DDT, blocked, 1916 denied, Lawn Dart connects! Trading kicks, Pele kick, both men crumble and Johnny happens to land on top... NOT HAPPENING! Trading shots, Finn up top, nobody home on the Coup de Grace and Gargano hits the slingshot DDT for two!

Off the ropes, hard forearm and a discus lariat from Johnny Wrestling and he’s fired up! Superkick cuts off the shotgun dropkick but Finn hits the Sling Blade! Shotgun dropkick, he’s rolling hot and heading up top... AGAIN JOHNNY DODGES THE COUP DE GRACE! FROM DUSK TIL GARGANO ESCAPE! FINN TRIES TO ROLL AWAY BUT JOHNNY STAYS ON HIM! THE SECOND TRY WORKS AND HE HITS A DOUBLE STOMP!

1916 COUNTERED BACK INTO THE GARGANO ESCAPE! The action spills to the floor and Balor hits the shotgun dropkick into the barricade! Johnny clears the Spanish announce desk but Finn gourdbusters him into it! Lining him up...SHOTGUN DROPKICK OFF THE TABLE! Back inside, Balor up top... COUP DE GRACE! But he’s not done yet, finger guns, drawing Johnny up, underhook...

Finn Balor wins by pinfall with 1916.

Roderick Strong is interviewed about his match against Velveteen Dream on Wednesday.

He says VD is a dead man but tonight his boys are gonna show the Loserweights why they’re the champs and Cole’s gonna show Ciampa why he’s the best NXT Champion of all time.

Bianca Belair vs. Rhea Ripley (c) (NXT Women’s Championship)

Collar and elbow, neither woman can budge the other. Circling, back to the lockup, Ripley with a wristlock, wrenching it in, Belair reverses with a stomp to the foot! Waistlock takedown, duck the back elbow, piefacing Rhea in the corner. Whip reversed, up and over, back handspring but Ripley gets her boots up on the charge. Catch the lariat, hit one of her own, another one, drag her up, ripcord dropkick!

Boots to the midsection, overhand chops but Bianca fires a powerbomb off! Stomps, cover, only two, and she follows it up with a cravate. Ripley with body blows, Belair hits a mat slam and a standing moonsault for one! Delayed vertical suplex, Rhea blocks the first try but Bianca hits the second! Half camel clutch, Ripley out with uppercuts in the corner, back body drops connect.

Lariats, cravate knees, snapmare sets Belair up and she hammers her with a dropkick! Electric chair drop, only two and the champ grabs the inverted cloverleaf! Bianca slips out, upkicks into the corner, folding schoolboy pin for two! Spinebuster, another nearfall, shoulder thrusts into the corner. Putting Rhea up top, jockeying for position, trading huge palm strikes, military press drop in the middle of the ring!

Handspring moonsault... THE KNEES ARE UP! Ripley with a pumphandle, Bianca reverses into an Argentine backbreaker rack but Rhea slips out. Kick gets a spear and both women are down and out! Clubbing away on each other with desperate blows, whip reversed, Ripley hits a superkick but gets caught with a forearm when she comes off the ropes! Glam Slam blocked, back body drop puts the champion to the floor!

Bianca off the ropes... TOPE CON GIRO! Rhea with a back suplex facebuster into the steel steps! Back inside, Belair with an upkick and a low bridge. Ripley to the apron, jockeying for position over the ropes, headed up top, champion wants a powerbomb but she can’t get it so she tries a different tactic...

Rhea Ripley wins by pinfall with Riptide to retain the NXT Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Charlotte Flair attacks and blindsides Rhea Ripley!

She gets on the mic and says she’s thought about it and she’ll see Rhea at WrestleMania! NATURAL SELECTION! She holds the NXT Women’s Championship up high before dropping it on Ripley and leaving, throwing Bianca Belair into the apron for good measure.

BroserWeights (Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne) vs. Undisputed ERA (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) (c) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne make their entrance wearing shirts that pose the question, “How much fish could Bobby Fish fry if Bobby Fish could fry fish?” and lead the crowd in a singalong of same until reDRagon have had enough and they attack! All four men slugging it out on the ramp, into the ring and we finally get a bell! Riddle and O’Reilly to start, Kyle with a leg kick and the tag.

Fish with forearms, Matt gives him palm strikes back, Karelin lift and a tag to Dunne! Assisted corkscrew moonsault into a basement dropkick, shot off, drop down, leapfrog, huge knee lift! Bicep stomp, action to the floor, and Pete hits X-Plexes on everybody! Back inside, he goes to work on Bobby’s hands, stomp to the ribs, arm wringer, whip reversed and Dunne’s knee eats buckle.

Tag to KOR, they work Dunne over with quick tags, targeting his leg until he gets a desperation enzuigiri off and tags Riddle in! Pele kicks ahoy, kip-up, charging forearm sets up the exploder suplex on both of the tag champs! BRO 2 SLEEP INTO THE GERMAN SUPLEX ISN’T ENOUGH TO KEEP KYLE DOWN! Tag to Pete, double teams, powerbomb / knee combo... NOPE!

Action to the floor, Dunne goes for a roundhouse but Fish ducks and he kicks ringpost full force! Riddle goes for the ripcord knee on O’Reilly, ducked, German suplex but the King of Bros fires up for a knee and a German of his own! Rolling elbow gets a knee strike and both men are down and out! Upkicks, Kyle dumps him out of the ring, he comes back inside and hits the spear!

Fired-up, red-faced god of war, Riddle goes for a brainbuster but Bobby chop blocks him! DDT into the assisted wheelbarrow suplex... BRO KICKS OUT! Knees on both guys, tag to Dunne and he gets the bodyscissors double wristlock on KOR! Kyle fights out, Ax but not Smash, he runs into a lariat and then into a flying armbar! Roll through and reverse to the ankle lock, Dunne reverses to one of his own!

Riddle’s got Fish in the ankle lock of his own, Pete grapevines but KoR reverses to a Sharpshooter! Bobby with a guillotine choke on Riddle, shifting to a sleeper when Matt tries to escape but the King of Bros breaks his partner’s hold up with a knee strike and falls back to block his own with a senton! Fish tags in, Dunne off the ropes with a German suplex, stomp, buzzsaw roundhouse and a tag to Riddle!

Matt up top, Pete with the electric chair but he slips out and throws Dunne into his own partner! KOR with a diving knee, Bobby with an exploder superplex and Kyle hits a diving knee to the back of the knee and into a heel hook! Matt rolls over to fight it but he’s got nowhere to go! Fish keeping Peter away in the corner but he gets his fingers broken... DUNNE STOMPS KOR’S HAND OFF THE TOP TO GET HIM OFF OF MATT!

Kyle and Pete slugging it out, chops on chops from Dunne and O’Reilly shoves him into Riddle knocking him down! Pete has a grip on Kyle’s hand and bites the fingers! KOR with slaps and Dunne breaks his fingers! Bitter End blocked, go-behind, Matt gets passed into a spear on his own partner! Tag to Fish... CHASING THE DRAGON! DUNNE KICKS OUT! He lands on his feet off a German and tags Riddle in!

Chasing the Dragon denied, X-Plex into a powerbomb, stereo strikes! BRO 2 SLEEP / ENZUIGIRI COMBO! IT’S OVER!

BroserWeights win by pinfall with a Bro 2 Sleep / enzuigiri combination on Bobby Fish to win the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Adam Cole (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa (NXT Championship)

Collar and elbow after a moment to soak in the atmosphere, Ciampa backs him into the ropes and breaks with slaps to the chest before mocking the Bay Bay taunt. Waistlock, shift to a side headlock, Cole reverses to a hammerlock, shot off, shoulder block, off the ropes for another, Adam bails for a breather, Tommaso gives chase but sees the fakeout elbow drop coming and grabs a side headlock.

Headscissors applied, Ciampa slips out with a slap and goes right back to the headlock, shot off, underhooks blocked, side headlock takeover, trapping one of Cole’s legs to boot. Into the corner, hard right, big chop, Adam whips him in and hits a lungblower but Tom is able to pull him to the floor. Cole hits a boot, jockeying for position on the floor, Ciampa gets Adam seated in a folding chair and then throws him back in the ring.

Cole rolls out the other side of the ring, suicide dive, putting Adam across the apron for a hard running knee! Suplex over the barricade, right hand and a running knee! Chops in the timekeeper’s area... HUGE RUNNING KNEE FROM THE CHALLENGER AND TOM KISSES SOME RANDOM BALD FAN ON THE FOREHEAD! Dragging Cole in front of the announce table, powerbomb lift, he lands on his feet... WHEELBARROW SUPLEX PUTS CIAMPA NECK-FIRST INTO THE ANNOUNCE DESK!

Back inside, hit a neckbreaker, knees to the back, Adam locks a figure four headscissors on. Tom bridges into a pin to counter, Cole blasts him with a big boot, headed up top, trading shots, jockeying for position, superkick hangs Ciampa up... TREE OF WOE LUNGBLOWER! Cover for two, reverse chinlock applied, trying to grind the Sicilian Psychopath down.

Backslide, nope, putting Cole to the apron, float over a brainbuster attempt but Adam hits an enzuigiri! Panama Sunrise countered by a knee to the jaw! Cole drags himself to his feet and Tom lays forearm after forearm in on him. Whip across, lariats, whip reversed, front kick scouts the back body drop and Tom hits another couple lariats! Waistlock, Everest German suplex and Ciampa is fired up!

Running knee in the ropes, Argentine backbreaker rack...SPIN-OUT POWERBOMB ONLY GETS HIM TWO! Underhooks, reversed to a fireman’s carry, reversed to a crucifix, jockeying for position, Cole gets the crucifix pin for two. Sweet Shin Music, off the ropes, Ciampa gets a back elbow but Cole hits a hard knee and the Ushigoroshi... STILL NO!

Setting Tom in the turnbuckles, headed up top, jockeying for position... AVALANCHE AIR RAID CRASH! Cover... NOT HAPPENING! Adam to the apron, Ciampa draws him up but the champ slips to the floor and hits a superkick! Looking for a powerbomb on the floor, Tom fights out and lifts him up... POWERBOMB INTO THE ANNOUNCE DESK! Another powerbomb clutch... THIS TIME COLE GOES *THROUGH* THE DAMN TABLE!

Back inside, running knee against the ropes, take the knee pad down... THE SECOND IS COUNTERED WITH A SUPERKICK! LARIAT COUNTERS THE LAST SHOT! POWERBOMB LIFT... PROJECT CIAMPA CAN’T PUT THE CHAMPION AWAY! Both men spent and slow to rise, trading forearms in the middle of the ring, rolling elbow countered with a pump kick and a second sends Ciampa out of the ring!

Cole off the ropes... SUICIDE DIVE COUNTERED WITH A JUMPING KNEE STRIKE! Back inside, Adam with a brainbuster over the knee... SO CLOSE! Again both men rise, striking, slaps get superkicks, Cole with the knee pad down... LAST SHOT BUT TOM ROLLS TO THE APRON! Thinking Panama Sunrise, Ciampa reverses... AIR RAID CRASH ON THE APRON! Underhooks, back body drop reverses and Cole is still in it!

Adam atop the announce table... PANAMA SUNRISE ON THE FLOOR! Putting Tom inside but he comes back with the hanging DDT! Underhooks... ADAM COLE KICKS OUT OF FAIRYTALE ENDING! AND LOCKS AN ARM-TRAP CROSSFACE ON IN THE AFTERMATH! Ciampa fights out and reverses to an arm-trap crossface of his own! Cole crawling, desperate, he wants the ropes but Tom’s grip is iron... AND HE GETS THE ROPES!

Roderick Strong is here running interference and getting referee DA Brewer’s attention! reDRagon hit the Total Elimination on Ciampa on the floor! Cole crawls over... AND CIAMPA KICKS OUT! Looking for Last Shot, Tom ducks it and throws him over the ropes and into reDRagon! HANGING DDT ON STRONG! TORNILLO ON THE REST OF THE UNDISPUTED ERA!

Back inside, he walks into a series of superkicks from the champion! Off the ropes, Last Shot... TOMMASO CIAMPA KICKS OUT! Again Roddy runs interference, Cole gets the belt but Ciampa kicks it out of his hands! Adam shoves him into Brewer and then hits him right in the Gentleman’s Area! Thinking Panama Sunrise but fair is fair and Ciampa kicks him low as well!


Adam Cole wins by pinfall with a lateral press to retain the NXT Championship.

Undisputed ERA celebrate together.

That’s the show, folks.

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