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Jake Atlas debuts at NXT house show

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The indie standout, who is openly gay, signed with WWE last month.

Mercedes Martinez’s WWE joined last month. She worked a battle royal on NXT the day after her signing was announced, and made her Royal Rumble debut in Houston this past Sunday.

The pioneering indie star was the headlining member of the January Performance Center class, but there were other intriguing names announced with her. And while none have been fast-tracked to the extent Mercedes was, former PWG & Beyond standout Jake Atlas only had to wait a couple weeks before getting into action on the Florida house show circuit.

Atlas debuted in a losing effort last night in Citrus Springs.

In addition to being good at the whole pro wrestling thing, Atlas is one to watch as he’s the only openly gay male performer in the WWE system. He appeared on the Stephanie McMahon episode of NBC’s Undercover Boss, telling the Chief Brand Officer his goal is to become the first out WWE champion.

Did he takes his first step toward that last night in Citrus Springs?