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Welp, looks like we’re definitely getting Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns

Really, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. This is the Universal title match WWE was building to for WrestleMania 36 when the pandemic hit and Roman Reigns opted as cancer survivor with a pregnant wife to take some time off while WWE sorted out their COVID protocols.

Now, it’s not clear when it’s happening. Maybe they’ll burn it off at Elimination Chamber and we’ll still get Big E or The Rock at ‘Mania. But the fact that - one day after we got a report that Goldberg was being discussed as a potential upcoming Reigns opponent - it happened on The Bump and WWE was immediately ready to promote it on all their channels means it almost certainly is happening.

It started with college football trash talk, and now we’re doing a, ahem, spear-measuring contest. C’est la vie.

Really, while those of us who watch wrestling for things like good stories or matches aren’t going to be terribly excited for this one, we’re not the target audience. This is WWE throwing one of the biggest names from the Monday Night Wars era they can still book for matches against the biggest star they currently have. It will attract some attention and hopefully pop a few numbers. Whether that’s smart business in the long-term will be debated, and we’ll all move on.

And if you’re rolling your eyes or cursing this development and looking for a bright-side... this is infinitely more interesting with Roman’s current character than it would have been with his generic babyface one of last spring. But if you had zero interest in that, well, you do the math.

Let us know what you think about Reigns being next for Goldberg in the comments below.

We know you will.

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