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WWE NXT results, live blog (Dec. 9, 2020): WarGames fallout

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: NXT champ Finn Bálor is back, Ember Moon takes on Raquel González, Tommaso Ciampa deals with Cameron Grimes, a casualty report from WarGames & all the fallout from last Sunday’s TakeOver, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


Finn Bálor’s promo from Sunday’s show plays over highlights from TakeOver set to “War Pigs”. Karrion Kross’ teaser ends the intro, and here comes the NXT champion.

The Prince says the time for games and factions is over. Some people love him, some hate him. He doesn’t care. It’s Wednesday, and it’s the champ’s show.

Here comes Pete Dunne! The Bruiserweight says they’re a lot alike. They both came from overseas and made a name for themselves, so it’s time they stand face to face. It’s only a matter of time before he puts Finn on the shelf and takes the title.

Here comes Kyle O’Reilly! He’s sorry to interrupt, but his invitation must have been lost in the mile. He and Pete have history, but on Sunday they went to war, and the ERA won. And Finn? He remembers him, the guy who took him to the limit and broke his jaw. Sure, Balor won, but he’s been out two months drinking through a straw.

Here comes Damian Priest! Priest vs. Balor is a marquee match and everyone wants to see it, so how about it? While those three start taking shots at one another, Finn walks up the ramp. They ask where he’s going, and the champ says they interrupted him. At New Year’s Evil, he’s gonna defend the belt. But against who? That’s Regal’s job.

Uh-oh... Karrion Kross’ music hits and fog starts to rise. Finn smiles as if to say “of course”. Here comes Scarlett in a spiky vinyl one-piece. Balor stops her and says he knows what she’s gonna say “Tick Tock”. He tells her to tell her man that when Kross is ready, so is he.

After Balor leaves, Priest stops Scarlett, calling her her old “Smoke Show” nickname. He tells her that if Kross wants a fight, all he has to do is ask... like a man. She smiles as we go to break.

Dunne is walking out of the building after our break, and faceless interviewer guy tries to get a word about what just happened. Killian Dain comes charging in and attacks. He’s talking about how Pete tried to end his career, and they’re separated as we head back into the arena for our first match.

Jake Atlas vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

After an even opening minute, Swerve goes for an arm and Atlas has to roll out. Scott kicks him in the mush from the apron. Back in, Jake gets in a few strikes in the corner, but can’t lock up to follow-up. Both men dodge some attacks then Swerve takes Atlas down with a Flatliner, and he’s got a bit of a heelish edge here. The comeback starts with a clothesline, then a superkick is followed by a weird release suplex thing that might have been botched, but does get a two count.

Swerve goes for the arm again but has to let go when Jake rolls him into a pin. After another scramble, they both roll through pinning predicaments and this time Atlas keeps him down for three.

Jake Atlas def. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott via pinfall

Atlas offers his hand to a fuming Scott afterwards, but Swerve just walks out of the ring.

Tommaso Ciampa is in his promo garage talking like an old man again. He picked Timothy Thatcher because he had to know. And now no one is safe. He’s gonna just be direct - he impersonates Cameron Grimes saying his name. Grimes is the squeakiest wheel, and that could be confidence, or he could be masking insecurity. Tonight, we’re gonna find out which one it is.

Back from another break and two of three teams in our next Triple Threat are already in the ring.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Ever-Rise vs. Imperium

One member of each team is legal at all times in this, and after some chaos that spilled over from last week it’s Marcel Barthel fighting Zack Gibson while Chase Parker & Matt Martel feign injury on the outside. This is a fun match that moves a little too fast for my live blogging skills. The main gimmick is that Gibson & James Drake and Barthel & Fabian Aichner beat the hell out of each other while Ever-Rise slip in and try to opportunistically steal a pin. Eventually, GYV nail Parker with Ticket to Mayhem to pick up another win.

Grizzled Young Veterans def. Ever-Rise vs. Imperium via pinfall (on Chase Parker)

After a break we get the “Casualties of WarGames” video. It’s a smart mix-up of highlights while the participants in Sunday’s matches put over how brutal it was. The only person who doesn’t have live comments is Pat McAfee, but we hear a clip of his Monday show. Danny Burch talks about the damage done to Oney Lorcan’s face. Bobby Fish Facetimes in to reveal he had surgery on his triceps. Dakota Kai puts over the offense she took and saves we won’t see her for a while. All this on top of Candice LeRae’s arm. Yeesh...

Toni Storm is being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell, talking about how their WarGames win should get her a title shot (Raquel González made the same claim in the video package). Champion Io Shirai walks up. Now that WarGames is over, all she cares about is the title. She doesn’t have an issue with Storm, she just doesn’t like her. Io nails Toni with a forearm! They brawl into the arena, and Storm gets the upper hand, sending Shirai flying into the plexiglass. Before Toni can get the champ in the ring, Ember Moon runs in for some payback! She sends Storm into the steps, then throws her in the ring to take a moonsault off the top from Io.

Cameron Grimes vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Lock up before Ciampa takes Grimes down with a side headlock, then wrenches the arm and taking him down with a straight arm bar. Timothy Thatcher comes out to the ring and has a seat at ringside before the North Carolinian backs the Psychopath to the ropes and Ciampa turns it around. He drops Grimey with a back elbow before Grimes hides behind Tim and Ciampa sends him back into the ring. Grimes then hits a kitchen sink for two once they’re back in the ring as we go picture-in-picture.

Grimey in charge on the small screen. We return to Thatcher watching intently, and it’s not long before Tommaso gets back into it with some offense while they’re running the ropes. A big clothesline puts Cameron down. Running knee in the corner gets two for the former champ. We get a shot of Tim’s ear stitches as Grimes escapes a Fairy Tale Ending attempt and crawls to the ropes. Scramble ends with Cameron’s running side slam that gets two. He climbs the turnbuckle to follow-up but Ciampa catches him. Someone runs in and the announcers tell us it was the newly renamed Tyler Rust. The Blackheart catches him immediately and goes for Willow’s Bell, which allows Grimey to recover, but he gets him in the front facelock and hits Willow’s Bell to end it.

Tommaso Ciampa def. Cameron Grimes via pinfall

Ciampa confronts Thatcher on his way out, accusing him of sending a student at him. Thatch denies it, and Ciampa says he must still need to teach him some more. After he leaves, Grimes wants a word with Tim, but gets his ankle grabbed. He screams in pain so Thatcher lets go and stalks off.

Mitchell talks to Raquel González. She says TakeOver was the biggest night of her career, but she Ember took out Dakota, so tonight she gets revenge. We then see the Gargano family entering the CWC, but then go to more ads.

After the break, we see Boa and Xia Li taking kendo stick shots and working striking drills, respectively, as the Asian man yells at them. They seem broken, but rise throughout the video and Li wipes blood on her face. At the end, we see a woman’s eyes with red paint across her eyes.

North American champ Johnny, Candice and their “kids” Indi Hartwell & Austin Theory are here. Gargano dances to his music, then gets a mic. He says the promised to show us the way for months, and now they have. They put over “The Way” as their name? Catchphrase? He runs down all their accomplishments as examples of “The Way”... but Theory screws up and screams “The Milky Way!” Gargano chides him so Indi says “anyway...”

Johnny says his wife is very humble, but he got her something to make it official that she’s “Mrs. WarGames”. He tells Indi to get her present, which he had shipped from Italy at great expense. He tries to get the kids to a drum roll, but they screw that up too. The production team gives them one and it’s unveiled as... a trophy with a doll version of Shotzi Blackheart’s head on top.

Candice is upset she didn’t get him something, but he says all he needs is his North American title. Along with showing off how he and Theory can high five without looking, he says Priest & Leon Ruff want a tag match next week, but he has a “Theory” (no look high five) that they’’ win again.

That brings out Priest, who offers his congrats on the win and the sweet reveal. he asks Theory if he still has the steel pipe, because he’s gonna come to the ring and stick it up his ass. He starts to walk and gets jumped... it’s Kross! The former champ pummels the Archer of Infamy, then exits and gets in his black Charger where Scarlett is waiting. She smiles as he burns rubber out of the lot.

After more commercials, Mitchell catches up with Tyler Rust. Before he can answer her question about if he’s working with Thatcher, Malcolm Bivens returns! He says he’s seen Rust’s initiative. They need to talk. Those two walk off as we got back to the ring.

Pete Dunne vs. Killian Dain

The big Irishman storms right to Dunne and clubs him down in the corner at the bell. He lifts him up and slams him into another corner. Dunne with some offense on a ref break, but it’s not long before Dain sends him to the outside where he hits a big boot. He snaps Pete’s arm on the apron, but as he tries to climb back in Dunne nails a forearm. He tries to send Killian into the ringpost but Dain catches himself. He whips the Bruiserweight into it back first and goes for a headbutt, but Pete dodges and Dain knocks himself silly. Dunne goes to work in the ring.

Dain recovers for some back and forth, but an enziguri puts him down and Dunne stomps on both hands. The bigger man is in the ropes screaming “is that all you got” as we go to break. The former UK champ is working a side headlock when we return. Dain gets to his feet so Pete takes the back, so Damo drops down on him. Splashes in the corners and clubbing blows. Dunne tries to dump him through the ropes, but Dain recovers to side slam him down from the apron. Powerbomb followed by a drop elbow gets two. He wants something with Dunne on his shoulders, but Pete counters into a triangle, so the Irishman picks him up for another slam! Drop kick into the corner, but Dunne evades the cannonball follow-up.

They battle on the ropes, and Dain nails a fisherman’s suplex from the middle rope. Dunne somehow kicks out just before three. Enziguri from Pete. Big clothesline from Dain! Slam and senton. He climbs, but here comes the tag champs! Drake Maverick with a chair chases Lorcan and Burch off, but when he turns to tell Dain to finish things, the champs return and attack. Dain saves his friend, which gives Dunne time to recover. He kicks Dain in the mush as he re-enters, then the Bitter End.

Pete Dunne def. Killian Dain via pinfall

Drake tries to console his friend, but Dain brushes him off.

McKenzie is talking to Leon Ruff and wants to know if he’s concerned about his tag partner for next week. Johnny and Austin walk through and say they saw what Kross did to Priest, and he’s probably shooting imaginary arrows in a hospital bed somewhere right now. But they know Leon is a fighter, so he can take them on two-on-one. Kushida walks up after they leave and tells Ruff he’ll be his partner.

After some more commercials, we get a New Year’s Evil video. Then it’s main event time!

Raquel González vs. Ember Moon

Ember uses her speed advantage to stay away from her bigger opponent. She gets in some leg kicks, but two aerial attempts are caught and the send finds her getting thrown across the ring. Raquel starts to use her strength from there, with big elbows in the corner, then ragdolling Moon all around the ring. Ember manages to connect with some kicks, but that just pisses Gonzalez off. A trio of elbows gets two. A missed boot opens the door for a comeback, but when a series of kicks and a flatliner finally puts Raquel down, the Texan rolls to the apron. A shoulder charge sends Raquel to the floor as we go split screen for the last time tonight.

Gonzalez has Ember stretched across her back when we return, but Moon swings through and jacks her jaw. But she bounces off the ropes and charges right into a boot that flattens her and leaves her screaming in pain. Raquel works an arm, but Moon twists free. Gonzalexz is frustrated and walks into a head scissor that sends her head first into the turnbuckles. Nifty suplex from Moon. When Gonzalez charges in she gets a flurry of kicks. War cry from Ember as she somersaults into a forearm in the corner. DDT follow-up gets two. Moon drop kicks the larger woman to the floor, then dives sending her into the announce table. Ember decides to climb the set, but Raquel catches and throws her over her shoulder, then into the ring post! In the ring, one, two... no!

Raquel charges into a pair of feet, then Moon dodges and she goes into the post herself. She can’t cover, but she does climb for the Eclipse... but Gonzalez was strong enough to not go down. She goes to scoop Ember up but gets rolled up for two. The Texan lifts her up on a second attempt, and a leg-in slam gets three.

Raquel González def. Ember Moon via pinfall

Toni Storm walks to the ring afterwards and stands over Moon, saying what do we have here. She goes to life Moon up and her comes Rhea Ripley! She collects Ember and climbs on the apron to stare down Storm. Raquel moves her out of the way and Ripley entes the ring. The two old foes circle each other, then Gonzalez backs away as the show ends.

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