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Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville aren’t happy about being snubbed in the Slammy Awards

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WWE is bringing the Slammy Awards back for 2020 with a special event on Dec. 23 that will air on WWE Network. Voting is currently underway over at for various categories, including “Rivalry of the Year.” That’s the subject of this here post.

And that’s because Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are upset they weren’t included.

Here’s who is:

And what Mandy and Sonya both had to say about it:

They have a point in the sense that it’s pretty ridiculous to put two comedy options above what was actually a compelling feud that got both of them over in a big way, even if neither are on television at this point. They did a lot with what they were given, and they deserve some kind of mention here.

Then again, it’s The Slammy Awards. The jokes are always going to be in there. How upset can one get about such things, right?