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Lana’s ‘gonna have boobs on her back’ when Nia Jax gets done with her

The build to Lana & Asuka vs. WWE Women’s Tag Team champions Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax at TLC continued in predictable fashion on Raw last night (Dec. 7) when Asuka beat Baszler in singles action. The show also set up a one-on-one Lana vs. Jax match for next Monday.

That’s not to say there weren’t twists and turns in this long-running program, though.

For starters, there was a strange segment with Baszler & Jax before Shayna faced off with the Raw Women’s champ. After Nia hyped up all the things the Queen of Spades was going to do to Asuka, she said they’d do worse to Lana. Baszler suggested twisting the Ravishing One so much that “her front’s gonna look like her back and her back’s gonna look like her front.”

It prompted Nia to respond, “she’s gonna have boobs on her back.” And lest you think that bit of awkwardness wasn’t scripted, WWE replayed the segment again later!

But in case Nia or anyone thinks it’s a done deal that Lana’s boobs will end up on her back after next Monday’s match, they may want to check the tape from last night...

Lana looks close to turning the tables and putting Jax through the announce desk for a change.

They should probably just go ahead and make their TLC affair an “Announce Table Match”.

Or a “Boobs on the Back Match”. Whatever works.

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