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Jaxson Ryker walks with Elias

Apparently, the visions Elias experienced after getting “electrocuted” in his Symphony of Destruction match with Jeff Hardy told him to hire an enforcer.

And that enforcer was Jaxson Ryker - recently of NXT’s Forgotten Sons, formerly known as Gunner in TNA. He was most recently in the news when he used his kayfabe catchphrase in a pro-Trump tweet at the height of tensions about racial justice, which earned a swift rebuke from several other WWE wrestlers. Reports of locker room heat followed, and Ryker disappeared from booking sheets (along with his Sons teammates Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler, despite their clarifying he didn’t speak for the group on social media).

Blake & Cutler reappeared on SmackDown last week as King Corbin’s henchmen. Now it seems Ryker will follow a similar path back to screens this week... if you watch Main Event, that is.

From ThunderDome attendee reports, there doesn’t seem to have been much fanfare for the new pairing. The segment also didn’t really go anywhere, with R-Truth interrupting to insult Elias’ music, Ryker moving to confront Truth and... that’s it.

This could be because WWE’s not committed to either the pairing or Ryker’s return in general. Fightful Select described the segment as a “dry run” for an Elias/Ryker team.

Main Event this week will also feature a match between Keith Lee and Angel Garza, which actually sounds fantastic and is something I’d like to see on Raw. But that’s a whole nother subject.

Let us know what you think of Jaxson Ryker’s return in the comments below.

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