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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Dec. 7, 2020): Viper goes to sleep

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Orton started the show saying that there are no boundaries he will not cross. He played himself up as even more evil than the Fiend.

Bray Wyatt showed up on the tron and decided to play a twisted version of The Price is Right with him called “Let’s Get Randy” and that got a laugh out of me. So Orton decided he wanted a match with Bray since he has the Fiend at TLC, and Bray accepted.

So for the main event, Bray and Randy fought. As much as they’ve screwed up Bray since last year’s Hell in a Cell, I still pop for his Firefly Fun House music entrance. It’s such a great entrance theme.

Bray countered the Orton table spot and switched it around on Orton. We don’t see that very often. I really enjoy Bray being his Mr. Rogers character until he gets into the ring and becomes like old Bray.

Orton gave Bray the DDT and was setting up the RKO when the lights went out. To be honest, Alexa was out and I was thinking we were going to get a new lady-Fiend with Alexa in a new mask. I wonder if they will end up doing that leading up to TLC. Right before the lights went totally out, Orton hit the RKO - very smart since people usually just look around and don’t try to at least win.

The lights came back and the Fiend was laying where Bray was, and locked the Mandible Claw on Orton. Orton tried to fight out of it, but passed out. This was a great ending. I’m going to miss these types of moments when we go back live in front of crowds, whenever that ends up happening.

Orton and Fiend could have a Fun House match with their history. I want that, but I know we won’t get it.

Drew and Sheamus friendship theater

Miz TV is 9.5/10 times a mizerable, awful segment.

No different here. They played Sheamus and Drew theater, and this is what the whole story is turning out to be, all while we have AJ Styles as McIntyre’s challenger at TLC and Miz as the Money in the Bank holder. Think of it as layers, but bad. Like a spoiled 7 layer cookie.

What the match did was reveal a few things.

First, Morrison is CRAZY athletic (which we knew already but my god!) because Drew was throwing him like he weighed a pound and he absorbed all of that. He flipped all over in this match, too. And he got thrown into a seated position on one of the commentary chairs. Second, AJ was rightfully cowering away from the match until he could take advantage. He and Drew have never faced each other before and I would have liked their first real interaction to be that first match. We can’t have that, though. Never in WWE.

The last thing, and now the worst thing in my opinion, is the absolute lack of common sense. At least the way they are presenting this “Will Sheamus turn on Drew” story. Before Sheamus went out to interrupt Miz TV, Keith Lee went up to him and said it was only a matter of time before he turns on his best friend. All commentary did was talk about Drew and Sheamus as best friends.

Guys. Stop.

Let it just… happen. Organically! I already don’t want to see Sheamus turn. I’m actually digging him in this role. If anything, Keith Lee should be the one turning for planting this seed the past two weeks. And hell, it’ll give Keith something different to do. This is annoying.

Anyway, we just had to get the spot. Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicked Drew and Styles took advantage to get the win for the heels. They did the camera shot of Sheamus looking like a kid who spilled his milk on the carpet as Drew looked on angrily. Then they went backstage and brawled, and Pat Buck tried to separate them. Pat Buck got what he… deserved? Drew and Sheamus stopped fighting and put Pat through a table and hugged.

No. Stop.

The Rest

Bobby Lashley def. Jeff Hardy - Wow these two had an absolute banger. And the best part is that no one was hurt by this loss. Before the match, Riddle wanted to do Hardy Bros with Jeff and was holding a Bronutts box with donuts. Hardy got out of a gut wrench and did a leg drop and then blocked a hurt lock! MVP tried to interfere but Riddle came out and evened the odds. I really enjoyed this match, and it actually ended up becoming my match of the night.

Kofi Kingston def. Shelton Benjamin / Cedric Alexander def. Kofi Kingston - Benjamin started by throwing Kingston all over the place. He was able to get Kingston in a really cool twisted ankle lock and tossed Kofi out to the floor. I thought he tweaked something in his leg, that’s how good of a seller he is. Benjamin fell to a Trouble in Paradise and then Cedric said nah we running this back. And once again… they just gave him the match. They did this I believe two weeks ago with Shelton and Cedric. Why?!?

And now we know why. Alexander and Kingston still had themselves a great match. Cedric attacked the “injured” leg of Kofi’s. He hit himself a great lumbar check. That move really looks devastating. So, Cedric celebrated by doing the classic belt around the waist movement and commentary asked if it was enough to earn a tag team title match later on. It… shouldn’t though. Cedric beat both tag champs. Shelton lost in both matches he was in. I don’t really get how that works. I really like the desperation of Cedric’s lately. He wants to win, and I’m liking this new part of him. I just wish that it was leading to like a U.S. Title match or a contender spot for the WWE title, and not “I win my matches against the tag champs while my partner loses literally all the time.”

Ricochet and Dana Brooke def. Slapjack and Reckoning - We’re… doing something here and I don’t know what it is. This was your standard quick Ricochet match with a crazy high flying spot and another loss for Mia Yim so that Ali could berate her in the ring. This is what happens when WWE decides not to stick to original character development that they booked and turn it up to ridiculousness. This is already not the RETRIBUTION from just a month ago.

Asuka def. Shayna Baszler - I actually did not hate this one like I thought I was going to, and it was because of one specific thing - LANA HURRICANRANA! (It even rhymes!) I actually popped for that moment and it helped. The Kirifuda Clutch doesn’t end many matches anymore, and this one was no different. Yes, Shayna Baszler shouldn’t be losing to the woman she should have faced for the Raw women’s title months ago, but like I said about RETRIBUTION, WWE decides not to stick to original character development that they (I even kept the italization for ya!) booked and get dumb with it.

Shayna was a badass. Remember when she went in on Becky for getting pregnant. Remember when she killed Sarah Logan and Natalya? I ‘member. Pepperidge Farm ‘members. I don’t see them putting the tag titles on Lana and Asuka, though. Of course they could, instead of putting them on an actually established tag team. It’s their modus operandi. Boobs on her back? SERIOUSLY?!?

This was another mixed bag. I’m feeling Orton and Bray/Fiend, but not much else. This ain’t SmackDown, that’s for sure!

Grade: C

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?