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WWE Network’s new Goldberg documentary looks fantastic

When WWE announced their slate of new Network programming for December, my main man Geno singled out the Untold on Goldberg’s Streak as one to watch.

The first trailer, embedded above, again shows what a shrewd eye my boss has.

WCW’s rollout of former NFL player Bill Goldberg was masterful, and one of the best pieces of booking in the history of the business. Along with Goldberg’s undeniable charisma, it created a huge star.

The end of his inflated winning streak was... not one of the best pieces of booking the history of the business. Who’s to blame and where the decision fits into WCW’s downfall is a fascinating discussion.

Basically, I’m tuning in just to see the entire story around Kevin Nash denying he had the book when Goldberg took a cattle prod shock, and Bill rolling his eyes in response.

WWE Untold: Goldberg’s Streak premieres on Sun., Dec. 13.

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