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Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins introduce their new baby to the world

Say hello to Roux Quin-Lopez.

The news the wrestling world’s been waiting for since Asuka said “mother?” on the May 11 episode of Raw just hit.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins introduced their new baby Roux to the world with this Instagram.

We don’t have much else in the way of details to pass along, but we will when we get them. The important thing here is that mother, father and baby all seem to be healthy, and Seth & Bex certainly sound happy.

Lynch had shared that she was due in December shortly after leaving WWE. Aside from that, the couple were pretty close-lipped about their experience. Rollins has spoken on it a few times briefly in interviews, and Becky posted a pregnancy photo shoot just last month. Seth was written out of WWE storylines after Survivor Series so he could be with his fiancée and newborn, and here we are.

On behalf of the entire Cageside Seats team, join us in sending a hearty congratulations to the whole family!

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