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McAfee sells WarGames injuries at his day job, swears revenge on Undisputed ERA

Sure, Pat McAfee has landed in a dream situation for an outsider who wants to be involved in pro wrestling. He seems to working without a script on the mic, and he’s definitely got a crew of very talented and generous workers all around him at NXT.

Even with those advantages, though, his performance for WWE’s black-and-gold brand this year have been remarkable. McAfee did it again last night (Dec. 6) at TakeOver: WarGames, hamming it up and hitting big spots in the two-rings-one-cage main event.

The way he followed it up is an example of why he’s such a great fit at NXT. The NFL All-Pro turned media star was right back to work at his radio/streaming show this afternoon, but he was rocking a neck brace to sell the beating his body took in WarGames (and, hey, maybe he needs it! He did put a guy through a table with a moonsault, get put through another, swanton from 20’ in the air onto seven dudes, take some chairshots & a Panama Sunrise, and probably a bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting right now).

McAfee also cut a promo putting over the brutality of the match, and making it clear his run isn’t over.

“If you’re watching along, you might see me in a neck brace, basically. And this is not an overreaction [during the football season, The Pat McAfee Show starts the week with ‘Overreaction Monday’, basically doing with the Sunday NFL games what wrestling fans do after their favorite guy or gal loses a match]. I’m awaiting results on tests that I got earlier today on my whole body to see what was broken and what’s not broken this morning. I couldn’t really get out of bed, couldn’t move much, couldn’t walk, and I just assumed it was a potential opportunity for my entire body to be broken after what happened last night at WarGames, NXT TakeOver, where- you know - it was a hell of a match, okay? Hell of a show, by the way, from top to bottom.

“Hell of a match, my guys and I ended up losing to the scumbags that are Undisputed ERA. And I’m not happy about it, but uh - this neck brace is only for precautionary reasons at the moment. I am sitting up a little more on my seat because I should probably be sitting on a donut right now. I believe I’ll be standing a lot today, because sitting down I already feel pain in my back, my neck, and my hip. And I only have sandals on, because I couldn’t put shoes on because I believe I broke my big toe. So, not an overreaction. This is my life now, okay? And although we did not get the W, I will let you know we did not go down without a fight. And the next time we get our hands on them, they’ll be the ones wearing the neck braces!”

That’s my guy. Give em hell, Pat. And somebody get the man a donut!

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