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Andrade vows to ‘rebuild’

Anywhere Andrade & Flair on YouTube

We haven’t seen Andrade on WWE television since the Oct. 12 Raw. That wasn’t a great night for the former NXT and United States champion. He lost to his old partner Angel Garza, was taken out by The Fiend, AND wasn’t selected in the Draft.

Speculation he was leaving WWE was shot down, then a report that he was getting elective surgery and would be out for a month followed.

It’s been almost two months now. We haven’t seen any sign of him on television, but last week he returned to the YouTube channel he and fiancée Charlotte Flair set-up a while back.

“I was born to do this!” is a good primer on the family history and career of Manny Andrade Oropeza (Andrade’s real name). It’s also a sign he’s been working on his English, which was said to be holding him back in Vince McMahon’s eyes.

Is it a sign he’ll show up on TV any time soon?

The closing declaration, “So now we rebuild Andrade. Why? I have no choice - I was born to do this,” might give us some clues. Obviously, he’s not hanging up his boots - not that anyone thought he would at age 31.

So what does this rebuild entail? We’ll have to stay tuned. Whether it’s to a WWE show or his YouTube channel remains to be seen.

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