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WWE NXT WarGames 2020 results: Undisputed ERA outlasts Team McAfee

Undisputed ERA headed into their fourth WarGames on Sunday night at TakeOver, but their first as babyfaces (or non-heels). So, for the first time, they didn’t have the numbers advantage for 15 minutes before “The Match Beyond” began. That went to Pat McAfee’s British-American superteam.

So after five more minutes of stiff strikes and submission attempts were added to the long history between Kyle O’Reilly & Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan raced in. Well, after he stopped McAfee from “trying” to enter the match.

O’Reilly used his experience in the two-rings-one-cage set-up to tie up both his opponents in the space between the ropes. But by the time Bobby Fish raced to the fight, KOR had been neutralized with tandem submissions by Lorcan & Dunne. The former tag champs controlled much of the next five minutes...

...but that ended with McAfee graciously allowed Danny Burch to charge in next. The current Tag champ stopped to grab a bag with two cricket bats in it, which stacked the deck even more in favor of Pat’s side.

After a rocky start, Roderick Strong managed to clean house single-handedly.

But with O’Reilly and Fish selling injuries, it didn’t take long for Dunne, Lorcan & Burch to regain control.

When McAfee was set free, he spent most of his five minutes pulling tables out from under the ring. There were four of them in all - one for each member of the ERA. Once in the ring, Pat just sat in the corner until his lads set Roddy on his table. Then he moonsaulted Strong through it.

“The Match Beyond” began after Adam Cole hit Team Pat with a blast from a fire extinguisher. The Panama City Playboy cleared out the hired hands and stared down his old nemesis McAfee. But Dunne recovered to cut Cole off. After they brawled O’Reilly baited, Pat into a fight, which allowed Cole to smash him with a chair.

The melee was on!

Moments of chaos existed in this one, but it created more opportunities for one-on-one and two-on-two action than the women’s opener. A key one came when McAfee locked Cole in a Figure Four while the other six men brawled between the rings. The hold was turned over, and Pat looked like he might tap before he was saved.

Don’t worry, there was plenty of violence. Strong overcame an uncooperative table to splash Burch & Dunne. Cole sent McAfee flying halfway across a ring to go head & shoulders first through a table.

Undisputed lined the other members of Pat’s team up against the cage and took turns charging them with strikes. That left McAfee alone... and scared. He tried to climb out of the cage, but Cole & company caught him - and proceeded to bounce him off all the sides of the cage. The ERA took too long setting Pat up for a Last Shot in the ropes, though.

After top rope maneuvers (a neckbreaker from Cole on Dunne and a superplex from Strong to McAfee), everyone was down. Seven of them got up to brawl, which let Pat climbed to the top of the cage. After a swanton from there, everyone was down again.

The two men who started the match went one-on-one for a bit longer from there. The Bruiserweight and KOR couldn’t keep each other down though, and eventually McAfee recovered.

A low blow to Cole picked up the pace, and Fish drove Burch through the last remaining table.

McAfee managed to kick out of a Panama Sunrise, and Lorcan saved his boss from a Last Shot. Dunne put Cole down with a Bitter End onto a chair, but Strong broke up that pin. Lorcan took a pair of kicks from the former reDRagon, and Kyle put the exclamation point on things with a drop knee onto a chair draped over Oney’s face.

Faces, heels or somewhere in between, Undisputed ERA still runs NXT.

For a complete rundown of everything that happened during TakeOver: WarGames on Dec. 6, head to our live blog here.

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