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WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2020 results, live streaming match coverage

WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Dec. 6, 2020) at 7 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver: WarGames below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show comes our way from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, and it's offering up the usual stacked card. While you're waiting for the show to begin, dig into our predictions - as well as a preview of the entire card!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.


Undisputed ERA def. Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Johnny Gargano def. Damian Priest and Leon Ruff

Dexter Lumis def. Cameron Grimes

Tommaso Ciampa def. Timothy Thatcher

Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Raquel González & Toni Storm def. Shotzi Blackheart, Ember Moon, Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai


Politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war. Why should they go out to fight? They leave that all to the poor. Time will tell on their power minds, making war just for fun. Treating people just like pawns in chess, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show, folks.

The show opens up with a video package explaining the WarGames match to the tune of War Pigs.

Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez, & Toni Storm vs. Ember Moon, Io Shirai, Rhia Ripley, & Shotzi Blackheart (WarGames Match)

Moon and Kai to start, trading strikes in the feeling out, Dakota manages to lay her out and rain heavy punches down before grinding Ember’s face into the steel cage wall. Moon gets free and lands a rolling elbow, following it up with a release suplex into the cage! Crossbody into the cage, Ember staying one step ahead but Kai cuts her off between the rings and hits Kawada kicks into a pump kick!

Up top, sunset flip lungblower connects! Wrenchingback on Moon’s head, the countdown timer ticks...

Shotzi Blackheart is up next and she gets a crowbar and a toolbox out from under the ring and brings them in the cage! Shotgun dropkick, Stinger splash, a bulldog, a big knee lift, rolling elbow, a hooking roundhouse kick sets up a senton in the ropes! Dumping Dakota between the rings, off the ropes, slingshot dropkick connects!

Squaring her up, big boot sidestepped, Kai smashing Shotzi’s head into the turnbuckles but Moon makes the save! Axe kick, Blackheart back in with a step-up enzuigiri, grinding Dakota’s head into the cage wall! Missile dropkick-assisted electric chair drop and the babyfaces stay dominant as the countdown timer ticks...

Raquel Gonzalez is up next and comes in the ring swinging heavy hands that Blackheart and Moon duck. Pouncing on her, beating her down, Gonzalez shrugs them off and lays them out! Fireman’s carry on her own partner, using Kai to lay Shotzi and Ember out before continuing to beat them down! Assisted powerslam, springboard lariat, the countdown timer ticks...

Rhia Ripley is out next, cravate knees to Kai, short-arm lariats into a dropkick, whip reversed, back suplex lift into a release facebuster! Codebreaker from Moon to Gonzalez, sunset flip powerbomb from Blackheart! Rhea opens the toolbox and gets a short sledgehammer and wails on Dakota with it! Brawling continues as the countdown timer ticks...

Toni Storm is up next and goes under the ring for a bundle of kendo sticks before entering the cage! The heels overwhelm Ripley, Storm unties a few turnbuckles and fights Shotzi and Ember off before lifting Rhea up and whipping her hard into the exposed steel! Kendo sticks to Moon’s back, to Blackheart, Toni and Raquel doing a violence

Kai whips Ripley into the cage wall, stereo towers of doom! The countdown timer ticks...

Io Shirai finishes out the babyface squad, getting a ladder out and sliding it inside of the cage before she enters! Gonzalez tries to shut her out of the cage but Shirai fight her off and a referee opens the door up again! Io brings a second, shorter ladder in but Raquel shoves it into her and shuts the door this time!

Heels remaining in control as Shirai comes around and gets the door opened back up, throwing chairs in, hanging Van Terminator to Gonzalez but she recovers.. and gets shut out again. Toni lashes the door shut with her belt and the countdown timer ticks...

Candice LeRae finishes out the heel squad and Indi Hartwell, wearing a neckbrace, attacks Io and keeps her from entering the ring! She and Candice throw a bunch of plunder in and chain the door shut!


Io clearing house, wailing on ‘em with the short sledgehammer, tornado DDT to Gonzalez, kicks ahoy, flapjack takes LeRae out! Blackheart with a back suplex on Candice, Ripley throws Storm into the wall, Moon hits a back suplex side slam on Kai and Io hits a dropkick into a moonsault on Gonzalez... BUT ALL THE HEELS BREAK IT UP!

Candice with a tilt-a-whirl Border City Stretch on Moon! Blackheart’s got Cattle Mutilation in on Storm but LeRae breaks it up! Shotzi wailing on Candice with a kendo stick but Dakota comes from behind with a steel chair to cut her off! Io with a dropkick to lay her out in turn, charging in, drop toehold puts Shirai into the turnbuckles!

Pump kick follows, Toni puts the trash can back on the champ’s head... DOUBLE STOMP OFF THE TOP CRUSHES THE CAN SO BAD THAT KAI ALMOST CAN’T PULL IT OFF OF HER! Ember throws Storm into the cage wall, Dakota attacks her with a chair! She sets the chair up, she and Ember brawl, Moon lays her across the back of a chair and heads up top... ECLIPSE THROUGH A CHAIR BUT TONI BREAKS IT UP WITH A TRASH CAN SHOT!

Putting Ember into an exposed turnbuckle, Storm Zero into the trash can... SHIRAI BREAKS IT UP! Rhea with the inverted cloverleaf, Io adds a dropkick but Toni kicks out of it! LeRae and Ripley fighting, Candice with a trash can lid Van Daminator, heads over to Shotzi, fighting over a ladder. LeRae sets the ladder up, she and Blackheart climb and fight on it.

Candice knocked down onto some chairs, Shotzi climbs and perches... DIVING SENTON CONNECTS! She’s too hurt by the chair impact to make the cover! Ripley lays Kai out, Shirai with the diving moonsault, Rhea stands guard but Toni spears her into the pin to break it up! Clubbing at Storm, electric chair drop into the top rope, Io up top but Raquel puts Rhea into the cage and cuts her off!

Gonzalez and Shirai jockeying for position over the gap between the rings, Frankensteiner reveresed... RELEASE POWERBOMB THROUGH A LADDER STRETCHED BETWEEN THE RINGS... IT’S OVER!

Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez, & Toni Storm win by pinfall with a one-armed powerbomb through a ladder from Gonzalez on Io Shirai.

Post-match, Indi Hartwell returns to the ring to celebrate with her pals.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Grappling in the feeling out, neither man able to get a strong advantage until Thatcher wrestles him down near the ropes and lands some hard palm strikes. Chops from Ciampa after the break, Tim grabs a toehold and wrenches it hard, looking for a double wristlock but Tom slips out and goes to work on Thatcher’s own leg, wrenching and smashing it!

The pain playing across Tim’s face, he gets back to his feet but Ciampa throws him to the floor! Back inside, Tom’s injuries catch up to him and Thatcher uppercuts him into a half-halch suplex before grabbing a rear chinlock to target the surgically-repaired neck! Belly-to-belly suplex, referee Drake Wuertz checking on Ciampa’s neck and Tim goes back to the rear chinlock.

Tom counters with a jawbreaker, blocking the belly-to-belly and throwing chops and kicks! Thatcher swats him down with a hard palm strike, underhooks, Ciampa counters into a back body drop! Both men slow to rise, back and forth, malfunction at the junction and their heads collide! Tom with lariats, off the ropes repeatedly and building up a head of steam, about half a dozen of them in total!

Corner lariat, setting Tim up top, superplex connects! Drawing Thatcher up, underhooks, Timmy escapes, double chop to the throat, looking for a guillotine choke, wrenching it in as Ciampa goes limp but has just enoug willpower to push him out of the ropes and to the floor! Count broken, both men slow to rise, Ciampa with a throat thrust into a knee strike, another knee in the ropes!

Reverse chinlock, bridging back into a full-on Saka Otoshi but Thatcher won’t fade! He gets his knees under him but Tom kicks off the ropes to take him back in the middle of the ring! Rabbit punches, Tim bleeding from the ear but he gets to his feet and fires off a German suplex with the ropes as leverage! Another German suplex, onto the ropes, thinking about a third but Ciampa hangs on and throws elbows!

Forearm from Thatcher, back inside but Tom kicks him through the ropes! Thinking about the DDT, but Tim pulls his arm and puts his injured neck into the top rope! Back inside, throwing uppercuts, backslide attempt but Thatcher goes into the ropes! Ciampa with chops, a pump kick... HALF-HALCH DDT OFF THE ROPES! Slow to cover...

Tommaso Ciampa wins by pinfall with a hanging half-halch DDT.

Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis (Strap Match)

Grimes demands he be allowed to use the strap he brought rather than the official strap, Lumis assents, and Cameron beats him down before the bell! All around the floor and inside, beating him down, and eventually Dexter turns it around and tries to start whipping him with the strap!

Cameron choking him with it, both men have it on so I suppose the match started and I missed the bell. Grimes trying to climb out into the crowd but Lumis pulls him down and drops him with an uppercut! Brawling around ringside, Cameron back suplexes Dexter over the barricade! Big roundhouse when he recovers and Grimes whips him over the barricade with the strap!

Cameron gets the bag holding the other strap and puts it on Lumis’ head before whipping him with the spare strap! Back inside, choking him with it, whipping him more and the brawling continues. Looking for a kick off the apron, Dexter catches the leg, Grimes shoves him off but Lumis whips him off the apron with the strap!

Back inside, Dexter whips him to hell with the strap, corner lariat but Grimes counters the bulldog into a German suplex into the turnbuckles! Cameron brings a chair into play, walloping Lumis with it before unfolding it and having a sit. Going for a crossbody, Dexter catches him, fallaway slam into a kip-up!

Trading punches, Lumis up top but Grimes pulls him down with the strap! Crossbody powerslam connects this time... NO DICE! More strap shots, looking for the pop-up stomp, reversing the arm-trap triangle, trading shots, Cameron scoops him up but Lumis trips him up with the strap and puts him face-first into the chair!

Wrapping the strap around Grimes, locking Silence on with the strap across his face...

Dexter Lumis wins by submission with a strap-assisted Silence.

We see Pat McAfee and his boys getting hyped for their match backstage while Undisputed ERA are in the locker room being very serious and making their own preparations.

The lights flicker while commentary is selling the official Mattel WarGames playset.

We get a video package about a bird.

Damian Priest vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Leon Ruff (c) (NXT North American Championship)

Gargano using Ruff as a distraction to take Priest out and then immediately trying to get the easy win on the rookie! Cutting Damian off at the pass, Ruff slips to the apron, springboard, double jump, crawl under, dropkick on the dome! Knucklelock, step-up, double jump lucha Frankensteiner! Another dropkick sends Johnny to the corner!

Kicks in the corner, Priest comes back and starts laying heavy hands in on Gargano! Grabbing Leon by the neck and throwing him out of the ring, back at Johnny, shoving him off, Gargano ducks a lariat, Ruff takes both men out with a dropkick! Damian staggered but not down, getting in Leon’s face, he tells him it’s not about him and Ruff kicks him to get his attention!

Slide under, big chop doesn’t budge the big man, goozle, big lift, Gargano back inside to cut him off! Johnny and Leon working together, clubs, stereo enzuigiris, dumping him to the floor, Johnny with a suicide dive! He calls for Ruff to dive but cuts him off with the Superman Spear... NO GOOD! Priest and Gargano trading shots, Ruff dives on Damian, again gets warned to get out of his way and again he hits Priest to get his attention!

DAMIAN PRIEST CRUCIFIX POWERBOMBS LEON RUFF THROUGH THE LEXAN BARRIER! Referee DA Brewer calls for more referees to come check on him and they help Leon to the back while Priest looks on. Gargano comes from behind, tornado DDT off the stage! Back inside, ducking and dodging, spinning heel kick from Priest for two!

Crucifix powerbomb countered into a shiranui... NOPE! Back and forth, both men down and out... LEON RUFF IS BACK WITH A DIVE ON GARGANO! Dropkick to Priest, taking Johnny down into mounted punches! Off the ropes, triangle senton atomico wipes both challengers out! Back inside, side headlock on Gargano, springboard Ace Crusher... STILL NO!

Johnny draws him up, Ruff slingshots off the ropes into a lariat for another nearfall! Leon headed up top, Damian returns, leap over, off the ropes, duck a lariat, another one, but Priest drops him with a boot! Stacking ‘em both up, Damian hits a two-for-one reverse STO! Tuning up the band, leaping back elbows for both guys!

Suplexing Ruff into Gargano, crucifix lift, Johnny Wrestling slips out and posts Priest! Scooping Leon up... Lawn Dart puts him into Priest! Trapping Damian in the ropes, Johnny lifts Ruff up again, he slips out, ducks the basement superkick, crucifix driver... NOT ENOUGH! Diving splash comes up empty, no water in the pool and Gargano locks the Gargano Escape on right in front of Priest! Damian fights out of the ropes and breaks it up with a kick!

Sidestep, roundhouse kick, Priest up top... diving spinning heel kick! Gargano out of the ring, Ruff sidesteps, hits Damian with a lariat that does nothing, off the ropes, another one to the same result, Priest throws him into a superkick from Johnny Wrestling! Enzuigiri from the stage, DDT blocked... SITOUT CHOKESLAM!

A Ghostface is up on the stage, two more hit the ring and the three of them beat Damian Priest down! Priest fights them off after a moment, but yet more come from the other side of the ring...BRILLO PRIEST WIPES THAT BATCH OUT! ANOTHER SUICIDE DIVE TAKES THE FIRST THREE OUT! Gargano dives, Priest catches him... CHOKESLAM ONTO THE APRON! Ruff off the top with a splash... PRIEST BARELY BREAKS IT UP!

Damian drawing Leon up, Ruff with wild punches, a front kick, off the ropes, Cyclone Kill takes the champion down! Gargano charges, tilt-a-whirl blocked, Reckoning denied, superkick for a roundhouse, another roundhouse kick follows! Damian roars and draws Johnny up but a Ghostface attacks him from behind with a lead pipe! Ruff from behind, Johnny rolls through for a basement superkick!


Johnny Gargano wins by pinfall with One Final Beat on Leon Ruff to win the NXT North American Championship.

Post-match, lead pipe Ghostface unmasks as Austin Theory.

We get an ad for NXT New Years’ Evil, taking place on January 6.

Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan, Pat McAfee, & Pete Dunne vs. Undisputed ERA (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, & Roderick Strong) (WarGames Match)

O’Reilly and Dunne to start, tentative probing kicks, getting into it, fighting over a front chancery, a triangle choke, Kyle unable to maintain control on any of ‘em and Pete goes for his fingers. German suplex, Dunne lands on his feet and hits a buzzsaw roundhouse kick! Backhammer, setting up a wristlock and small joint manipulation on the fingers!

Jim Breaks Special, stomp to the shoulder, maintaining control of the hand, backflip up and over, KOR under his legs but Pete catches him with a stomp to the hand and another buzzsaw kick to the head! Guillotine choke, Dunne fading, sliding knee connects but O’Reilly is hurting and Peter grabs an armbar! Kyle with a heel hook, the countdown timer ticks.

McAfee wants to come out next but Oney Lorcan takes the spot! Laying chops in on KOR, knee lifts, legsweep, Dunne with a reverse roundhouse and Oney with the half nelson suplex! Heels keep working him over, DDT connects, strikes, tandem submissions, the countdown timer ticks...

Bobby Fish is out next. He comes in hot, lighting McAfee’s boys up with strikes and suplexing them into each other! KOR back on his feet, they trap Dunne between the rings and lay him out, Alarm Clock on Lorcan, the DDT into the wheelbarrow German suplex, but Pete recovers and grabs a double wristlock on O’Reilly!

Fish pulls him off with a sleeper, stereo strikes lay Dunne out and a dragon screw follows for Oney! Pressing their attack, the countdown timer ticks...

Danny Burch is out next, going under the ring for a bag of plunder as he comes in the ring. He cuts Fish off, uppercut for O’REilly, he goes to the bag and pulls out a cricket bat! Kyle sidesteps, Danny gives up on the bat and just slugs him to set up a German suplex! Dunne grabs the bat and grinds it into Fish’s arm as Burch gets another bat out of the bag!

Ramming the bat into Kyle’s midsection, but he recovers and grabs a heel hook on Burch, leaving him screaming agony and tapping out! Dunne makes the save with a stomp but the damage is done and Dan rolls around screaming! He recovers enough to hit O’Reilly with the bat, clinking with Lorcan, the countdown timer ticks...

Roderick Strong is out next and he gets cut right off by the tag team champions! Whip across, Roddy with a double clothesline, trying strikes with abandon, whip across into a dropkick! Catch Dunne into a half nelson backbreaker, a back suplex for Burch, Lorcan back body drops him between the rings but Strong has kicks and elbows for everybody!

Big knee for Peter, tossing back suplex puts him into the next ring, Roddy charges but Oney flapjacks him into the steel cage wall! Throwing Strong into the wall more, the heels largely take control as the countdown timer ticks...

Pat McAfee finishes his team out but he takes a stop for plunder, getting a table with Bobby Fish’s name on it and sliding it in the ring. Indeed, tables for all of Undisputed ERA follow before Pat finally enters the ring. They set Roddy up on his table and Pat takes him through it with a moonsault off the top!

The countdown timer ticks, Adam Cole grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it at the heels before bringing a chair in the ring to begin the Match Beyond! Cole takes everybody out and taunts, Dunne wrenches his fingers but KOR hits him with a chair and jaws at Pat, offering him a fair shot. McAfee demands he drop the chair, he does, Kyle talks more trash... and Adam blasts McAfee from behind and beats him down!

The match breaks down into chaos, all eight men brawling wildly, the tag champs plant O’Reilly with an assisted DDT but Bobby Fish breaks it up! Adam with a pump kick, McAfee with a chop block, stomping away as he and his boys take the advantage. Wooos, spinning toehold into a figure four leglock while his boys keep the rest of Undisputed ERA occupied!

Cole manages to roll over and reverse the pressure! Dunne saves Pat, Lorcan and Burch set up a table with Cole’s name on it but Strong and Fish get in there with them and brawl with them until all four men are down and out. Pete and Adam, flying armbar from Dunne, Cole reverses for two! Adam Cole with the neckbreaker onto the knee... SO CLOSE!

The two of them jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, Undisputed ERA get the advantage and set Burch up on the table... AND THEY POWERBOMB DUNNE INTO BURCH BUT THE TABLE DIDN’T BREAK! STRONG DIVES OFF THE TOP AND PUTS BOTH OF THEM THROUGH THE TABLE! COLE KNOCKS MCAFEE OFF THE TOP AND THROUGH KYLE’S TABLE!

They get Pat’s boys stacked up between ropes and cage and hammer them with strikes on strikes, charging time after time as McAfee looks on in anguish from the wreckage of the table! They turn back to Pat and throw him into the cage again and again! They dump him between the rings, but Dunne, Burch, and Lorcan are recovered and back in the fight!

Everybody pairing off in a corner, Burch and Lorcan hit a Doomsday Device on KOR, Fish hits an uppercut on Danny, Cole and Dunne fight it out on the ropes, shaking... DIVING NECKBREAKER FROM ADAM COLE! STRONG SUPERPLEXES MCAFEE! All eight men down and out, slowly everyone but Pat rises and they start brawling again! McAfee is on top of the cage... SENTON ATOMICO OFF OF THE TOP OF THE CAGE AND INTO THE BRAWL!

Pete and Kyle the first to rise, trading vicious forearms with no quarter! KOR lays Dunne out with a haymaker and blocks the finger work with a shoulder armbreaker! Ax, no Smash, pendulum lariat blocked... WISHBONE THOSE FINGERS! Bitter End... KYLE O’REILLY FINDS THE WILL TO KICK OUT! Suplex on the diamond plate divider in the middle of the ring... PETE DUNNE KICKS OUT!

KOR sets up a chair and drags Dunne over, threading his head through the back and heading up top, but McAfee cuts him off with a chairshot! Cole joins the fun and grabs the chair but Pat uppercuts him in the gentleman’s area to counter! Lining him up... PUNT SIDESTEPPED! Pump kick, Adam goes up top, but that goes nowhere and Burch goes through a table between the rings!

Cole hits a superkick, Panama Sunrise... PAT MCAFEE KICKS OUT! Adam takes the knee pad down, off the ropes... LORCAN TAKES THE LAST SHOT FOR HIS CAPTAIN! Dunne capitalizes, sets up a chair... BITTER END INTO THE CHAIR! END OF HEARTACHE! SICK KICK THROUGH A CHAIR! KOR DROPS A ROPEWALK KNEE THROUGH A CHAIR! IT’S OVER!

Undisputed ERA wins by pinfall with a diving knee through a chair from Kyle O’Reilly on Oney Lorcan.

Undisputed ERA stand tall.

That’s the show, folks.

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