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Here’s Drew McIntyre interviewing Matthew McConaughey

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I’m not entirely sure why, but WWE, perhaps eager to capitalize on a punny title, have given Drew McIntyre a series called “Drew & A,” where he interviews a special guest. On this episode, he’s joined by none other than Matthew McConaughey, an award winning actor who doubles as a pro wrestling fan.

McConaughey has recently been making the media rounds to promote the hell out of his book, Greenlights, and they talk about that right away in the above interview. But they also talk about a few other things, like his wrestling fandom, how he came about showing up in the ThunderDome for a brief time, and, of course, McConaughey teaches McIntyre his infamous Wolf of Wall Street warmup.

It’s a bit goofy, and McConaughey’s reasoning is equally strange, but McIntyre seems to have fun with it. Whether or not he actually buys in hardly feels relevant.

Either way, it’s a fun chat.