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Billie Kay + MYSTERY PARTNER = Must See SmackDown!

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There was much sadness in the Cageside Offices, and presumably all across the WWE Universe, last night. Billie Kay was not only not named special assistant to de facto authority figure (and Five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion) Adam Pearce, she didn’t even appear on the Dec. 4 episode of SmackDown.

You’ve got to be joking me! Have they not seen her head shot... and on the back, resumé?

Fortunately, Talking Smack saved us from a week without Billie. Kay crashed (hey) Kayla Braxton & Paul Heyman’s interview with The Riott Squad to do a little networking. In the process, she seems to have landed herself a match with Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan for next Friday...

To temper my own excitement here a bit - this is something booked on a show Vince McMahon doesn’t write, featuring three people he didn’t use on television this week. There’s a non-zero chance this angle gets cut out of the script for the Dec. 11 SmackDown.

But if we do see Ms. Riott Squads vs. Billie Kay and a partner, that would be delightful! And who would Billie’s partner be? You don’t suppose WWE would just come to their senses, drop the Peyton Royce/Lacey Evans nonsense even they don’t seem committed to, and reunite IIconics, do you?

If it’s not that, the pickings are kind of slim on the SmackDown women’s roster. Natalya? Tamina?

Maybe a call-up? I never really saw Rhea Ripley’s official main roster run starting in an odd couple pairing with Kay, but it could work for a little while.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders. And even if this match doesn’t happen, at least our weekend wasn’t Billie-free.