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Blake and Cutler are forgotten no more

They’re King Corbin’s hoodied henchmen now.

At the height of this summer’s national reckoning on racial justice and inequality, Jaxson Ryker tweeted his support for President Donald Trump’s defiant stance against those protesting the murder of George Floyd.

Part of the blowback was because Ryker had incorporated the catchphrase of his on-screen group The Forgotten Sons in the message.

It drew sharp condemnation from all over, for all the reasons people found it offensive. Many in the WWE locker room were publicly critical, and his teammates Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler distanced themselves from Ryker’s tweet. Rumors of heat followed, and despite being in the midst of an introductory push on SmackDown, Forgotten Sons disappeared from our screens.

The gimmick looks dead, but Cutler & Blake returned last night (Dec. 4) on the blue show. As many predicted, they’re the back-up King Corbin promised to bring for his feud with Murphy & the Mysterio family.

Ryker is, obviously, nowhere to be seen. As far as we know, he’s still under WWE contract. Whether he’ll work another show on that contract isn’t clear.

But Blake & Cutler have ditched the beards & vests for clean shaves, hoodies & suit coats and thrown in with another big man. Will it lead them back into the Tag title hunt, which is where they seemed to be headed before Ryker’s tweet?

We shall see.

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