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Big E has a new theme with an old entrance

Big E showed up to Friday Night SmackDown this week for a six-man tag team match with a brand spankin’ new theme but a familiar entrance:

Three ain’t enough — he needs FIVE!

This was necessitated by his split from The New Day, which wasn’t a break up, as the group still considers itself a unit, but he’s working as a singles wrestler on SmackDown while Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston are holding it down over on Monday Night Raw. It’s as clear a sign as any that we need to start getting used to seeing Big E as himself.

That’s certainly not a bad thing. He’s long deserved a chance to show what he can do without Woods and Kingston by his side, and now he’s getting that opportunity. It’s up to you to decide just how much you like how he’s presented on his own.

Thoughts on the new theme?

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