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Adam Pearce and Billie Kay are the authority figures we need right now

Adam Pearce’s Twitter

NXT General Manager William Regal has long been the gold standard for modern day WWE authority figures, at least in my book.

But without every formally being given the job, Adam Pearce (or as my friend Claire insists on referring to him at all times “Five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce”) has quietly become a very good one for Raw and SmackDown.

Sure, there was that one time he slipped and verbally flatulated the WWE champ’s name. Even that was charming, though.

Mostly, it’s how Pearce just shows up to advance storylines, mostly projecting an air of competence, but not drawing too much attention to the times when pro wrestling tropes require him to be incompetent. In general, he just doesn’t call a lot of attention to himself at all, instead using his screen and mic time to put over the wrestlers.

What a concept!

If there’s a hole in Pearce’s game, it’s that while he can play an effective straight man, he’s not great at creating humorous situations on his own. Fortunately, there’s a solution roaming around the set on Friday nights. She even has a head shot available... and on the back, resumé.

Pearce has noticed, and it might be happening!

Do it WWE. Adam Pearce and Billie Kay are the authority figures we need right now.

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