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Would WWE work with other promotions? Triple H says, ‘We’re open for business’

Triple H’s Twitter

With AEW and Impact working together (to some degree), and collaboration happening between those companies & others like MLW, the NWA & AAA, cross-promotional relationships and storylines are a hot topic in the wrestling business.

It’s why Triple H was asked about the possibility of WWE doing business with another company on his pre-TakeOver: WarGames conference call yesterday (Dec. 2).

His answer sounded pretty good, but I don’t buy it:

“In what you’ve seen in the past - Progress, ICW, Evolve, all those things. Yeah, we’re open for business in a lot of ways, and a lot of things, and a lot of everything. People’s thoughts, misperceptions, their perceived knowledge of what we do and how we think and all that stuff is often greatly misinterpreted and not necessarily accurate.

“Are we open to the right business opportunities? Yeah, at any given time we’re open to things. It just depends on what they are and are they beneficial to us long-term. And again, when I say long-term, I’m not talking about three months or six months. I mean 10 years. 15. Is that beneficial, is that meaningful - Long-term. That’s how we think. It’s much longer in duration. We’re not necessarily worried about the minute-by-minutes. It’s the long duration. And so, ‘open for business,’ I think Vince says that a lot. I’ve been around him long enough that if it’s the right thing and it’s meaningful to business, he’s open to anything.”

Trips’ little shot about Tony Khan’s favorite way to look at the ratings aside, this is a fine answer. But he’s talking about non-televised independents who are more or less willing to let WWE do things their way in exchange for a check and some marketing muscle. There’s nothing wrong with those arrangements*!

It’s not what the questioner, and fans daydreaming about seeing Kazuchika Okada vs. Roman Reigns, are talking about, though.

Let us know what you think. Will we ever see WWE “open for business” with other companies in a way that really surprised and excites you as a viewer?

* There may be something wrong with those arrangements for the health of the industry in Triple H’s beloved “long-term”. But as long as both parties enter into an agreement of their own free will, business is business.

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