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Seth Rollins’ return to SmackDown might not be happening

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WWE has announced the lineup for tomorrow night’s (Jan. 1) episode of SmackDown on FOX. Here is what we’re scheduled to see:

  • Roman Reigns has a special request for WWE management that probably involves Kevin Owens.
  • Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair vs. Bayley & Carmella
  • Big E vs. King Corbin (non-title match)

Reigns’ request could very well be used to clarify what his direction is for the Royal Rumble 2021 pay-per-view, coming up on Jan. 31. Daniel Bryan announced that he will be competing in the Rumble match itself, so perhaps one more Universal championship match between Reigns and Owens is in the works. Reigns might have a particularly evil stipulation or consequence in mind for Owens, if that’s where this is headed.

The most interesting thing to me about WWE’s lineup is the sudden absence of anything related to the return of Seth Rollins, which WWE first advertised on Christmas night. Eyebrows were raised when Rollins’ return was not mentioned on the SmackDown preview video that aired during Raw this week, and now Rollins’ return is excluded from their written preview. On top of all that, the original tweet announcing Seth’s return has been deleted.

I doubt these are all coincidences, but maybe I’m overthinking things here. Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you think we’ll still see the Messiah’s return on SmackDown tomorrow night.