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WWE superstars honor the memory of Brodie Lee in this new video

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Last night’s (Dec. 30) episode of AEW Dynamite was a special tribute show to celebrate the life of Jon Huber, aka Brodie Lee, who tragically died last weekend after battling a terrible lung illness for months.

The show included several memorial videos where AEW talent explained how Brodie Lee touched their lives, and why they admired him as an incredible man and father.

WWE has now released an analogous video (embedded above) with several superstars and producers telling personal stories about their fond memories of their fallen colleague and friend. This particular video includes several stars from the Raw brand, such as Keith Lee, John Morrison, and the New Day. Jason Jordan is sure to evoke some tears with his story about Brodie being one of the first people to ever hold his newborn child.

We’ll see if WWE follows suit with a similar video featuring SmackDown superstars soon, and more importantly, how WWE decides to pay tribute to Huber on tomorrow night’s episode of SmackDown.