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Liv Morgan’s mom was duped by the Slammy Awards

The 2020 Slammy Awards have come and gone, and Liv Morgan went home empty-handed. But that didn’t stop her mother from congratulating Liv on winning the Slammy Award for Breakout Superstar of the Year.

Morgan posted the following screenshot of the awkward text exchange she had with her mother about that award. It turns out that Liv’s mom was duped by some basic Photoshop skills:

Morgan is a decent and sane human being, so she naturally corrected her mother’s mistake and accepted the outcome of the Slammy Awards, rather than throwing a daily temper tantrum and choosing to live in an alternate reality where the Street Profits only won because of imaginary fraud.

Do you think Liv Morgan has a good case for being WWE’s 2020 Breakout Superstar of the Year? If not, which wrestler do you think was the biggest snub in the results for this year’s Slammy Awards?

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