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Erick Rowan makes a surprise appearance in AEW and says goodbye to Brodie Lee

Tonight’s (Dec. 30) episode of Dynamite is dedicated to celebrating the life of Jon Huber, aka Mr. Brodie Lee.

Every match features Lee’s Dark Order stable in some capacity. One of those matches included John Silver and Alex Reynolds teaming up with Hangman Page to take on the Inner Circle’s Ortiz, MJF, and Santana.

MJF is a heel all the way through, and it was on display during this match when he flipped off the recently signed 8-year-old Brodie Jr., who was sitting in the front row.

As the match was winding down, John Silver was kicking all kinds of ass and in good position to secure the win. But MJF’s bodyguard Wardlow showed up and put a stop to that, giving the heels an unfair advantage. That’s when former WWE superstar Erick Rowan made a hell of a surprise appearance and evened the odds with a claw slam.

Brodie Jr. then cracked MJF in the head with a cane shot, and the Dark Order came out as the winners.

Rowan teamed up for many years with Huber in WWE. After the match, Rowan broke down in tears and paid tribute to his fallen tag team partner with a sign that said “Goodbye for now, my brother.”

Rowan’s appearance and tribute was a touching moment to see on this very special night, and Chris Jericho remarked on commentary that this moment was real.

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