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X-Pac comeback coming?

Unusual Suspects Theatre Company’s 11th Annual Gala - Arrivals Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

His second induction hasn’t officially happened, but Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer. Most of us assumed his in-ring career was over - because on a July, 2019 episode of his X-Pac 1-2-360 streaming show, he said it was:

“By the way, I’m fucking done wrestling. I’m done. I’m not saying I’m never gonna have another match, but yeah I decided. The WrestleMania weekend show, myself, Hurricane [Shane Helms] and [Jushin “Thunder”] Liger, the six-man [at WrestleCon], that’s it. That was it. I’m fucking done. If I have a match in WWE on like WrestleMania or … I’ll fucking, NXT TakeOver, actually. I’m more interested in having a match on a show like that. It would mean more to me. Maybe I’ll team with Matt Riddle. Maybe a six-man so I can have a little more protection.”

Even that had some outs, as you can see. It’s a “never say never” business where wrestlers are usually working somebody (and often themselves). Now, on a new episode of X-Pac 1-2-360, Waltman is explaining why he thinks he has the proverbial one last run in him:

“I had hepatitis C for a long time. I tested positive for it when I came back to TNA. After that, I couldn’t get cleared in certain states with athletic commissions, so TNA and WWE couldn’t really have me in matches. I would just do little matches, nothing serious, no blood or anything. Now I’m cured, everyone. Just this year. I hadn’t mentioned it publicly. It cost $100,000 for treatment. It’s $1,000 a pill, one pill every day. I feel great. Some people are going, ‘How come he never came back?’ That’s the reason.

“Now, that’s clear. I’m going to get my knee fixed, I’ve had a torn ACL since the turn of this decade, like 2008 or something. I’m going to get that fixed and sometime next year, I’ll put myself on the market, have a few more matches. Everyone thinks they have one more run left in them. Anywhere I run, it’d have to be a sprint... I could [do a regular schedule], I don’t know if I want to. I’ve probably got half a dozen good, hard matches in me. When I tore my ACL, I’ve had some really good matches, even with that. I just want to get it fixed, it’s not that I can’t have matches with it. If I’m going to do a last run, I want that to be [fixed].”

First off, glad Waltman’s working toward a clean bill of health and feeling good.

Beyond that, once he’s medically cleared, I don’t have any issues with seeing the former Lightning Kid have a few more matches. Even if it’s a year before he gets the knee fixed and climbs back in the ring, he’ll still be younger than Chris Jericho, Goldberg, Triple H and others are right now. If the booking is right and he’s helping younger talent, why not? Waltman was always good in the ring; it was character issues (kayfabe-wise, and before he got sober, in real life) that got him “X-Pac heat”.

What do you think about one more run for the D-X and nWo legend?

H/T 411mania and Fightful for transcription

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