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Raw’s audience continued to grow with final episode of 2020

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Raw did a really horrible, terrible very bad number on Dec. 14 - a historically bad 1.53 million.

But the fallout from TLC helped the next Monday. And despite the Dec. 21 episode being very not good, the positive trend continued this week - at least in terms of viewers.

The hourly trend followed the familiar pattern, but lead to an average across the Dec. 28 episode of 1.77 million. That’s up 4.6% from the Monday prior:

Hour one: 1.89 million
Hour two: 1.78 million
Hour three: 1.64 million

Ratings painted a slightly less rosy picture. This week’s average among 18 -49 year olds was a .52, down from a .53 on Dec. 21.

2021 starts with Legends Night, one of the most predictably successful tricks in Vince McMahon’s bag. It’ll also be without competition from football, as this week’s Bills/Patriots game that had over 14 million viewers on ABC & ESPN was the last Monday night game of the season.

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Numbers via Showbuzz Daily