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Monday Night Raw needs Charlotte Flair

There was a period of time this year that Charlotte Flair was working Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, and even NXT. She was heavily involved in multiple title programs after winning the Royal Rumble. She won the NXT women’s championship at WrestleMania 36 before losing it a couple months later and taking time off to undergo surgery to correct some issues she was having.

There was, admittedly enough, a bit of fatigue by the end of that run, at least from a fan perspective. We were seeing her featured so prominently, it felt a bit like overkill.

But you know what? Monday Night Raw, where she was drafted while away, badly needs her back.

The women’s division on the red brand has devolved into an uninteresting mess centered almost entirely around a bizarre babyface push for Lana. She gets beat up, manages to fluke her way into a win she’s rewarded entirely too handsomely for, fails to do anything with that opportunity, gets beat up again, and the process repeats itself. Asuka, the current Raw women’s champion, has become a supporting character in this. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the current women’s tag team champions, have been presented as the big threats but, again, they’ve just been beating up on Lana and the one time they wrestled Asuka, while she was teaming with Lana, they lost and it was Lana who was given the pin.

Elsewhere, Alexa Bliss is doing some interesting work with Bray Wyatt but that’s completely separate from the women’s division. Nikki Cross was tied up with that but that’s seemingly no longer the case and she doesn’t really have anything going right now. Dana Brooke just kicked up a program with RECKONING from RETRIBUTION, this after injury to her tag partner, Mandy Rose, but they still haven’t done much to make anyone in that group compelling. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce can’t seem to decide if they’re a tag team or not. Finally, Naomi has been out of action following emergency surgery a number of months ago.

That’s it. That’s the women’s division on Raw right now. Becky Lynch will be having her baby this month and there’s no telling if she’ll be back at all, and definitely not anytime soon. We’re coming up on Royal Rumble and that means WrestleMania season, and WWE doesn’t have a single good story in the women’s division while the quality of the matches has been mediocre at best.

Charlotte Flair will solve a lot of these problems just as soon as she’s back.

Let’s hope that time comes sooner rather than later. She’s certainly looking ready:

Tick tock.

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