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Tony Khan brags about AEW’s huge ratings win over NXT

AEW Dynamite

The ratings and viewership data are in for this week’s (Dec. 2) NXT and AEW television shows.

Per PW Torch, Dynamite netted 913,000 viewers for a .42 rating point in the 18-49 demographic. NXT checked in with 658,000 viewers for a .16 rating point in the same 18-49 demo.

For AEW, this is a surge of about 203,000 viewers from the prior week, with a significant leap up from last week’s 0.26 demo rating. For NXT, viewership decreased by 54,000 viewers from the prior week, and the demo rating was down from last week’s 0.20.

Tony Khan was very pleased with these results for AEW’s well-hyped “Winter is Coming” episode. He was ecstatic about scoring their highest demo rating of 2020, as you can see in his bragging tweet here, where he even includes NXT’s inferior data to hammer the point home:

For some fans this will be seen as a extremely tacky move by Khan, whereas others believe that the team that scores the touchdown has earned the right to celebrate and rub it in their opponent’s face. I’ll leave that discussion to everyone in the comments section below.

With the debut of Sting, a world championship change, and a crossover angle with Impact Wrestling, do you expect AEW’s numbers to keep increasing from here?

Here’s a breakdown of AEW viewership and rating in the 18-49 demo over the last year:

Here’s a breakdown of NXT’s audience and ratings share of the same demographic:

Total viewership for Wednesday night checked in at 1,571,000 pro wrestling fans.

Check out both our Dynamite live blog, review & video highlights, and our NXT live blog, review & video highlights, in case you missed any of the Wednesday Night War’s latest chapter.

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