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The Battle Royal match desperately needs a new finish

This has got to stop already.

That could be the opening line for a lengthy article about why The Miz shouldn’t be main eventing episodes of Raw. But I already covered that topic almost three years ago, and there’s something else on my mind today. I’ll get back to the Miz in a moment though.

Last night’s (Dec. 2) episode of Dynamite reminded me of something that pro wrestling needs to do away with for a very long time. Orange Cassidy was a winner in the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal. He survived by laying outside the ring for a good chunk of the match. MJF thought the match was over once he dumped Sammy Guevara and Jungle Boy to the floor. As MJF was celebrating, Wardlow noticed that Cassidy was outside the ring and still active. A few moments later, Cassidy eliminated Wardlow and was declared a co-winner.

A couple weeks ago on the Survivor Series kickoff show, there was a dual brand Battle Royal. It looked like the final two competitors were Dominik Mysterio and Chad Gable. Mysterio celebrated after tossing Gable out of the ring. But it turns out that The Miz was hiding out, so he entered the ring and eliminated Dominik in order to win the match.

Back In October, there was a women’s Battle Royal on Raw to crown a new number one contender to the women’s championship. Natalya and Lacey Evans appeared to be the final two wrestlers alive in the fight. Natalya finally eliminated Evans and thought she was the victor, only for Lana to emerge out of the rubble of an announce table and get the last laugh.

That’s three Battle Royal matches in less than two months that all share a similar finish. And there are plenty of other examples in recent years of this kind of Battle Royal finish, where a hidden wrestler shows up to either win the match, or tease that they will win the match.

I remember when a tease of this finish was used with Santino Marella and Alberto Del Rio at Royal Rumble 2011, and it was a very fun wrinkle at the time. But pro wrestling has killed this finish dead over the last decade. I’m begging you, pro wrestling companies, to remove this Battle Royal finish out of your bag of tricks for the next several years. No more hidden wrestlers, please. There has got to be a better way to end a Battle Royal match.

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