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Blessing your timeline with Baby Stone Cold

Isis’ Twitter

It’s been a rough week, in a rough year. And you can wish like you’re Maxwell Lord, but it’s not going to get magically better on Friday just because there’s a “1” in place of that second “0” in the year.

So we take our little moments of grace where we can find them. Like in four year old Mason, and the loving family who made his WWE birthday party happen, then shared it with the world.

Star Wars fans got Baby Yoda. Why can’t we have Baby Stone Cold?

Can we get a yeah?


There’s probably something to be said about how kids born in 2016 are emulating a guy who hasn’t wrestled since 2003 instead of anyone on the current roster. But this is a positive post. And Steve Austin is one of the coolest son of a guns to ever stomp a mudhole in someone, so I’m just gonna chalk it up to Mason having really good taste.

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