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Brodie Lee was a big part of Raw last night

The Dec. 28 Raw, the first since the death of Jon Huber (aka Brodie Lee, fka Luke Harper), opened with a graphic honoring the former Intercontinental and SmackDown Tag Team champion.

His presence continued throughout the show. Lead announcer Tom Phillips and WWE champion Drew McIntyre both used Lee’s famous Twitter gimmick during the show’s opening segment, saying “It’s Monday. You know what that means.”

Drew also dropped in a “Yeah Yeah Yeah” - a staple of Lee’s WWE run, especially in NXT.

Alexa Bliss worked that one into her segment, too:

The New Day’s Xavier Woods honored his friend in multiple ways. You can see his heartfelt speech on Raw Talk embedded above (try not to tear up when R-Truth offers him a hug, I dare you). He also wore this armband:

And dropped Lee’s discus lariat into his match, something Ricochet also did:

RETRIBUTION performed some of Lee’s signature gestures during their entrance, which T-BAR confirmed after the show:

There were some, like Impact’s Brian Myers, who were upset WWE didn’t officially do more to pay tribute to Huber’s memory. I can’t argue with them. A ten bell salute would have been beautiful. But seeing these men and women honor Brodie in their own way was just as special - and fitting after so many of us have spent the last few days reading all the amazing stories about him and what he did for others.

As Woods says, we should remember Jon Huber. These gestures helped us do just that.

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