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Drew McIntyre defends the WWE title against Keith Lee at Raw Legends Night

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After Drew McIntyre disposed of not just AJ Styles but Money in the Bank contract holder The Miz, who cashed it in and failed in that attempt, at TLC, he was left without a clear cut next challenger. WWE has been building a story around his friendship with Sheamus and how strained it can be at times, leading to the obvious speculation there would be a turn in the near future.

Instead of a turn — although that may still be coming — the promotion simply booked Sheamus in a match against Keith Lee to determine who would challenge McIntyre for the WWE championship at Raw’s upcoming “Legends Night” next week.

That match kicked off this week’s episode and if Sheamus is getting a title shot it will be because he did turn on his friend and not because he won a number one contender match. That’s because Lee hit him with his finish and pinned him in the middle of the ring, clean as a whistle.

Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee for the WWE championship next week.

You in?

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