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This is my new favorite John Cena project

John Cena isn’t just a 16 time WWE World champion. He’s also an author and an actor. A motivator and a pitchman. An engaging conversationalist and the curator of a weird Instagram account.

I’ve enjoyed his work in all of those roles, but there’s a new John Cena project that’s jumped to the top of my John Cena power rankings. Technically, John’s not even in Charles Fox’s Journeys with John Cena. But if you look at the series of prints from the Philadelphia Inquirier photographer, you can see the spirit of Cena in them.

Charles Fox via The Philadephia Inquirer’s YouTube

Based on an old vacation tradition Fox and his sons have of taking pictures of action figures in various settings while traveling, the photog decided to keep himself busy this year while quarantining. Since he wasn’t going anywhere, Fox instead created different scenes to place his subject - a Cena figure.

He didn’t even know who he was working with beyond “wrestling toy,” but he loved the results.

Charles Fox via The Philadephia Inquirer

Turns out it’s because sculpted plastic John Cena is just as versatile as human John Cena. In the video embedded above, Fox talks about how amazed he was to learn this possible reason why the toy figurine he’d chosen at random to be the star of his pandemic avocation was perfectly cast:

“I grew to like the figure because I thought he could play different roles. He could be the pugilist, he could be the tough strongman, the outdoorsman. But he could also kind of be like the goofy, silly guy - or serious at times.

“But I really didn’t know a lot about John Cena, and my wife said, ‘you should watch these YouTubes of him on The Tonight Show.’ And it was kind of funny that this persona that I created for the action figure, after watching John Cena on The Tonight Show, I was like, ‘Wow, that actually kind of fit really well.’”

Charles Fox via The Philadephia Inquirer’s YouTube

You can check out more of Fox’s Journeys with John Cena at The Inquirer’s website here. If you’re like me, it might just be the soothing balm your soul needs today.

Leave it to John Cena. That guy really can do it all.

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