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WWE’s Most shocking SmackDown moments of 2020 list is a wild ride

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Comedy to tragedy. “Holy $#!+” to cringeworthy. The ridiculous and the sublime.

Our weird little corner of the pop culture universe has it all, scripted fight fans. And it’s all on display in WWE’s latest top ten...

10. Braun Strowman flips the van Miz & John Morrison were hiding in while they pulled pranks on him

9. Jeff Hardy arrested for drunk driving (and hittting Elias) after being framed by Sheamus

8. Star-crossed lovers Aaliyah & Murphy reveal their affair with a kiss during the never-ending Seth Rollins/Rey Mysterio feud

7. The Fiend inks the contract to defend his Universal title against Daniel Bryan by stabbing himself through the hand with a pen and signing with his own blood

6. Jey Uso proves his allegiance to Roman Reigns by sending Bryan to the hospital

5. Sonya Deville uses Mandy Rose’s phone to sabotage Otis’ date with her

4. The New Day are split up in the Draft

3. The Fiend gives Alexa Bliss the Mandible Claw

2. Bayley turns on Sasha Banks

1. Reigns reveals his allegiance with Paul Heyman

That list is doing a lot of work! Anything you think it missed in terms of shocking moments from the blue brand?