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Charlotte Flair and Asuka get a tag team name

Charlotte Flair tweeted this just last night during Friday Night SmackDown and then mentioned it again on Talking Smack this morning. It sure would seem the new WWE women’s tag team champions have a name now:

It’s a bit generic, considering it just mashes their own nicknames together, but it still manages to be pretty cool. There’s no telling how long this is actually going to last, what with Flair already teasing going after the Raw women’s championship Asuka is currently holding. We are heading into WrestleMania season, after all, and Flair challenging for a singles title would likely garner more interest than her wrestling for the tag team titles.

A match for the singles title between the two tag team champions actually sounds incredibly compelling to me.

For now, they’ve got a legitimate name to go along with whatever they’re starting to build together. What’s next? Maybe Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke, maybe Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler again. Hey, why not The Riott Squad, another team who actually has a name?

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