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We don’t deserve KO & Sami

Real-life and sometime kayfabe friends Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn had a rough Christmas on SmackDown.

That darn numbers game once again got to Owens, as Jey Uso cost him another chance to take the Universal title from Roman Reigns. And neither the deviousness which has marked his Intercontinental championship run nor the return of high-flying wrestling moves which were a hallmark of his babyface days helped Sami keep his belt.

Tough beats, for sure. But these guys are pros. They also have real lives that they don’t hesitate to work into their on-screen ones. At Christmastime, that meant babyface KO surrounding himself with what’s really important before tackling the next storyline challenge:

While Sami, annoying heel that he is, cried foul and vowed to get revenge in some form or fashion... while also making a renewed plea for donations to support medical care for people in war-torn Syria. Which is a face move, of course, but also fits into his gimmick of championing people from all the continents and not just the imperialistic ones.

TL; DR - I love these guys.

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