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All I want for Christmas is an IIconics reunion

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WWE decided to break up a lot of tag teams in 2020 (and try to kill a lot of people in kayfabe, but that’s a whole nother issue). While New Day being split between the red and blue brands got the most attention, there’s another I still can’t get over...

Forcing Peyton Royce and Billie Kay to go their separate ways never made sense. We never even found out who was doing the forcing, or why, or what would happen if the IIconic duo just decided to, you know, not stop tagging with each other.

It’s of course been made worse by the fact that each woman is still a tag wrestler. Royce did not get the singles push many hoped for based on rumors Vince McMahon loves her. Instead, she’s begrudgingly tagging with Lacey Evans on Main Event and Raw.

Kay has shined bright in a comic relief role on SmackDown, and is a highlight of every Friday night she gets TV time (and the occasional Sunday on PPV, or Wednesday on the internet). They’ve brought the act from backstage to the ring in recent weeks as Billie searches for a partner to beat Riott Squad. As if the perfect one isn’t just working a different night in the same building with a wrestler she can’t stand.

What’s happened since their split just proves how well their tandem act worked. Billie’s an entertainer who makes every scene she’s in better. Peyton’s a good foil to a big personality, and a solid wrestler. Sounds like a good formula for a team, right? Kay could mostly be Royce’s manager, while occasionally tagging with her when the story calls for it.

Or, you could have then on different shows doing lesser versions of the same thing. Sure. Makes sense.

Give us the IIconics back. It’s all I want for Christmas. But I’ll also accept it for New Year’s.

I’m a realist, though. In the likely event Santa Vince gives me coal in my stocking instead of PeyKay, I’ll console myself with the knowledge that at least I’m better off than Heavy Machinery fans.

Poor, poor Tucky...