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Kevin Owens thinks NXT should be treated equal to Raw and SmackDown

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Kevin Owens really enjoys the NXT product, folks.

Owens clearly admires the level of work that he sees from the black-and-gold roster every Wednesday night. Speaking with, KO expressed some confusion over why NXT is treated as a lesser brand during WWE Drafts:

“They were able to draft people from an NXT, but you never saw a Raw or SmackDown superstar moved in a draft to NXT (in the past). I think that should be the case. I think we should be able to take from NXT, and NXT should be able to take from Raw and SmackDown, because I think the level of competition is just as... It’s extraordinary over there. I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to do that.”

Owens goes on to explain that the NXT brand is just as good as Raw and SmackDown:

“I do think they should be included in the Drafts. They should be viewed as a third brand. I feel in a lot of ways they are, and I think they should continue to be portrayed that way, and pushed that way, and put forth, presented that way to everybody that’s not necessarily a hardcore fan, more of the casual, the elusive, casual fan that we talk about sometimes. I think they should be made aware of NXT and how it’s just as good as Raw and SmackDown. A good way to do that would probably be to add them to the Draft, and see Raw and SmackDown talent ended up in NXT, as well. I think that would be really an interesting mix of talent, and it would be a good way to get more eyes on there.”

With complimentary words like that, is it any wonder that Owens has considered a return to NXT throughout the last year?

Would you like to see NXT become a fixture in future WWE Drafts? Or is it better for WWE to figure it out on a year-by-year basis?