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Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract is running out, and he plans to make a change

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella welcomed their second child into the world back in August. Speaking with BT Sport, Bryan acknowledged that fatherhood is his most important priority in life, and he’s looking to reduce his workload in pro wrestling. His WWE contract is expiring soon, and Bryan intends to transition into a part-time wrestler:

“I’ve got a little bit different priorities...I still love wrestling and I feel like I’ll always wrestle, as long as I can physically do it. But do I want to continue wrestling full-time when you’ve got two babies at home?”

“I’m just kind of switching priorities in my life where for years wrestling has been kind of the key focus...My contract is coming up soon and...we’re looking at transitioning me to maybe less than a full-time wrestler. Like my time of being a full-time wrestler are numbered and I’m more going to be like a full-time dad, part-time wrestler. Wrestling is my side job. Daddying is my most important job.”

By classifying himself as a part-time wrestler, Bryan just inadvertently increased his probability of winning the 2021 Royal Rumble match and/or returning to the main event of WrestleMania. At the very least, it seems like a decent bet that Daddy Bryan will get his hands on Universal champion Roman Reigns on one of those upcoming cards.

Do you think WWE will present Daniel Bryan as a special attraction once he officially becomes a part-timer, or will he be primarily used as a stepping stone for other stars on the roster? Am I making a mistake by assuming he will remain with WWE?