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Velveteen Dream made his latest return to NXT

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Seems like we have a pattern with Velveteen Dream. He returns for a run, there’s fan backlash given his past allegations, and then he disappears again. We don’t know if the second part is directly related to the third, but it’s certainly suspicious that they guy they clearly want to push disappears for months at a time.

Last time we saw him, he returned and earned a spot in the TakeOver 30 North American title ladder match. He failed to win that and then went into a program with Kushida, which he lost. After losing to Tommaso Ciampa early November, he disappeared again.

Velveteen Dream returned again tonight, talking some trash to Adam Cole backstage about how Kyle O’Reilly has taken his spot. Cole decked Dream and set up a match.

Cole was accompanied to the ring by Roderick Strong, but mid-match, Pete Dunne attacked Strong. This was more because of lingering issues with Undisputed and not because he’s got any alliance with Velveteen Dream. I think Pat McAfee could find a better way to spend his money.

Otherwise, the match was the type of match we got from these two during their title feud. However, this time around, Dream worked heel, which suits him better. Still didn’t suit him well enough to win this match though. It certainly wasn’t any squash, but the returning Velveteen succumbed to the Last Shot.

The show went off the air with Adam Cole telling the camera that the NXT title is coming back to Undisputed ERA. Normally I’d say Cole being so supportive is suspicious, but I’ve given up all theories about an ERA split.

It’s odd they’d bring back Velveteen just to take an L to Cole. It was surprising they didn’t have some type of post match angle to set up what their plan for him is. Maybe they were just putting their to in the water and gauging the reactions to this return before jumping into a storyline. Maybe that storyline is set and a loss to Cole is the start of it. Only time will tell.

You can find all the results to tonight’s episode of NXT at the live blog here.