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Roman Reigns’ very good reaction to being snubbed by The Slammys

Roman Reigns’ Instagram

WWE’s annual awards were handed out this morning (Dec. 23). The broadcast revealed that, despite six nominations, Universal champion Roman Reigns did not win a single 2020 Slammy Award.

The Tribal Chief wouldn’t have acknowledged this himself, of course. But when an outraged fan brought it to his attention via Twitter, Reigns offered his thoughts on the matter.

It’s pretty much perfect:

Basically, there’s no room at the Head of the Table for those little statuettes. Roman’s too busy making sure business is taken care of. Or that’s what he tells himself to justify the route he’s taken to the top this time.

Not that he cares, but he did much better in the Cageside Slammys. Those are much more prestigious, right?

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