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WWE NXT results, live blog (Dec. 23, 2020): A Very Gargano Christmas

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: It’s a Very Gargano Christmas! Tag champs Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch put the belts on the line at the top of the show in a Street Fight against Killian Dain & Drake Maverick. Plus, Rhea Ripley battles Dakota Kai, the return of Bronson Reed, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Jake Atlas, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


Vic Joseph welcomes us to the show as the Tag champs enter, but the challengers don’t waste any time attacking them on the ramp. It is a Street Fight after all!

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Wade Barrett & Beth Phoenix hype up Maverick & Dain - in part for their blue jeans attire - as they set up plunder around the ring. It doesn’t take long for the champs to level Drake and team up on the big Irishman. He counters an attempt to slam him onto a couple of chairs and the babyfaces even things up again for a while. Oney & Danny continue their strategy of taking out Maverick so they can run numbers on Dain. Lorcan sends the former 205 Live General Manager face first into a chair with a drop toe hold, then heads outside to help Burch with Killian. He gets sent over the barricade by Dain, but when the big man tries to senton Danny through a table, the Brit dodges and Dain wipes out as we go to commercial.

Lorcan is whipping Drake with his own belt when we return. Dain fires up and cleans house, but the champs eventually kick him off the apron in a spot that was supposed to send him crashing through two tables, but he only hits the second one and it doesn’t break. Oney & Danny surround Maverick and get ready to whip him some more, but Drake with a low blow to Oney! That lets him get in some licks of his own, but Lorcan returns the favor. Burch has the cricket bat and gets in a couple of shots. Elevated tandem DDT ends it.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch def. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain via pinfall to retain their NXT Tag Team titles

The champs boast about how no tag team can touch them, and Dain carries his partner out of the arena.

Joseph is wearing a Santa hat, and kicks it to A Very Gargano Christmas, which looks like it will be segments from Johnny & Candice’s house. Johnny’s playing a holiday tune, and says forget Elf on the Shelf, we’ve got Gargano on a Piano! Candice comes in with “the kids”, and asks if he’s ready to open the presents. Johnny goes to get the camcorder, and returns to say how happy he is to be here with the love of his life... and zooms in on the North American title. Indi Hartwell is impressed they pulled off all this holiday cheer, and LeRae says they always find a way. Austin Theory gets yelled at for eating cookies, and mentioning No Way Jose. But then he gets the first present. It’s protein powder, which he’s told is Johnny’s special The Way formula. There’s some banter with Indi, and then we go to commercial.

When we return, it’s the video of Kyle O’Reilly and Finn Bálor watching their TakeOver 31 battle and putting each other over as hype for the rematch on Jan. 6 at New Year’s Evil.

McKenzie Mitchell rushes up to interview Tyler Rust in the locker room. Before he can answer anything, Malcolm Bivens answers, talking about how Rust took a former NXT champ (Tommaso Ciampa) to the limit last week. Tonight, with Bivens in his corner, he’s gonna prove he’s not a rookie, he’s a diamond in the rust. They first bump and walk off.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Jake Atlas

Swerve is playing it a little more heelish here, acting cocky. Technical standoff at the start. Atlas slaps him, which causes Scott to unload with strikes in the corner. Atlas catches a kick and snaps off an awkward-looking dragon screw leg whip. Swerve ties up Atlas’s feet with his own and trips him, then takes a springboard enziguri anyway. Swerve is frustrated outside as he regroups heading into break.

Returning, they trade shots and Atlas gets two off a sunset flip powerbomb. Swerve superkicks Atlas to interrupt the cartwheel DDT. He adds an apron pump kick and a tilt-a-whirl back between the ropes. Scott earns a nearfall with a suplex. Atlas wants a poison rana off the top but Swerve lands on his feet. They trade boots, but Scott trips him up. They jockey for position on a pin and when Atlas doesn’t break on the ropes, Swerve headbutts him. Confidence Boost ends it.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott def. Jake Atlas via pinfall

Big taunting from Scott afterwards, including a crotch chop at Atlas. Jake rejects his smart-ass offer of a handshake.

Mitchell asks Adam Cole & Roderick Strong about Kyle O’Reilly and they put over how KOR has changed since TakeOver. He proved it when he beat “Peter Doone” last week, and he’ll prove it again when he wins the belt from Finn is two weeks.

Velveteen Dream returns from limbo to taunt them about how it looks like O’Reilly is the leader of Undisputed ERA now, so Cole is just a cheerleader. Cole slaps him and the ERA has no leader, and he’ll show him later tonight that he still has it.

After a break, we check in with Timothy Thatcher at his school. He runs down his history with Ciampa and how the Sicilian Psychopath doesn’t like guys who run his mouth. But since when he said he wanted a rematch he got dragged out of the arena, he’s gonna run his mouth. He’s gonna take liberties when he faces Leon Ruff later tonight. If Ciampa has an issue with it, he’ll have to come stop him.

Rhea Ripley vs. Dakota Kai

During the entrances, we get a recap of a Twitter exchange between Ripley, GM William Regal, and Raquel Gonzalez that leads to Gonzalez being banned from ringside tonight.

Ripley’s power is the name of the game at the bell. Kai catches herself when Rhea tries to throw her on the apron from the floor, though. She fires back by stomping the Nightmare’s left arm, then throwing her shoulder first into the ringpost. The former champ is in trouble as we go picture-in-picture. The beatdown of the babyface continues on the small screen, and Dakota is working for an armbar on the wounded wing when we return. The Aussie is still able to lift the Kiwi up for a slam. Rhea lights her opponent up with knees. She dodges a front kick while shaking feeling back into her arm, then hits a drop kick. Another slam gets Ripley two.

They trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Headbutt by Ripley! Kick by Kai! Rhea evades the Yakuza Kick in the corner, then gets another nearfall off another power move. Facewash boot from Dakota, but a follow-up is countered into the inverted cloverleaf... and that’s when Gonzalez walks onto the stage. The two hosses stare each other down while Kai gets to the rope for a break. Rhea taunts Raquel while working over Gonzalez’s friend. She sets her up for a superplex, but Dakota fights it off. Float over backstabber gets two! Missed kick creates an opening for Riptide. Kai fights off one attempt, but a second connects. Ripley gets the pin while glaring at Gonzalez.

Rhea Ripley def. Dakota Kai via pinfall

The Nightmare calls Big Tex to the ring, but a team of referees run out to try and keep them apart. They fail, and the old foes circle on another in the ring. They jaw for a few seconds and start swinging! The officials get them apart momentarily, but they get back to each other. Producers run out and fail too! Eventually things get calmed down.

Time for another trip to the Garganos. Hartwell gets a PS5 and Theory is hyped. Indi finds out the box is empty, and Johnny says he has the console, the box was just for dramatic effect. They’re gonna give her a much better gift. Since she’s been loyal, they’re giving her the family nickname. From now on, she’s Indi Wrestling! Candice says they support Indi Wrestling (get it!?!?)

Toni Storm is rocking a furry leopard print jacket and a huge hat for a chat with McKenzie. She puts over her win over Rhea last week, and says she’s coming for Io’s title next.

After a break, we check in on the torture twins. Xia Li’s is working Boa over with kendo sticks and strikes and he’s asking for more. We see her in some water as the old guy yells. The mysterious woman’s eyes end the segment.

Bronson Reed vs. Ashante Thee Adonis

Reed’s got an updated look, rocking a mullet and vest with what looks like a kaiju stuffed animal on his shoulders. Adonis gets cocky when he doesn’t die immediately, but he’s squashed in short order. The end comes with a splash off the top.

Bronson Reed def. Ashante Thee Adonis via pinfall

He says the Colossal One is back, and everyone should be afraid.

Mitchell tries to get a word with Io Shirai, who just tells her she heard what Toni said. She tells production to hit her music and heads to the ring. She gets a chair and a mic, sits in the ring and tells Storm to come on! Toni’s music hits, but Shirai is attacked from behind... by Mercedes Martinez! She drags the champ out of the ring by the neck and throws her into the barricades. Io gets some separation, but Mercedes fires right back. She throws Shirai into the side of the announce desk to stand tall as we go to break.

Back to The Way’s Christmas gift exchange. Johnny gives the last gift to the love of his life, and this time he’s talking about LeRae. It’s a wheel. Everyone knows Johnny hates wheels, but it’s Christmas. He spent hours in the junkyard looking for the last scrap of Shotzi’s tank for his general. There’s only one way to end this and that’s a group shot. Theory opens his powder and it goes everywhere as the camera snaps the pic.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Leon Ruff

It’s all Thatcher at the bell, but a resilient Ruff gets free and manages to get a leap and grab a few side headlocks. He gets clotheslined down and kneed in the ribs. Ruff is struggling to breathe as he gets belly-to-bellied down. Rather than end it, he gets a chair for Ciampa and places it on the ramp. Ruff with a small package for two, and the former NA champ with a flurry, but he can’t put Tim down. He’s down in short order, and the punishment continues. He’s carrying Ruff by one leg, and another counter into a roll-up gets three!

Leon Ruff def. Timothy Thatcher via pinfall

An incensed Thatcher attacks, and that finally brings out Ciampa. Willow’s Bell! Tommaso says you wanted a fight? I’ll see you in the Fight Pit! He kisses Thatcher on the head, sits in the chair and pats himself on the back.

Video visit with Damian Priest. He says he’s heard what a badass Karrion Kross is, but between being out and needing to sneak attack him when he returned, Priest bets he’s asking himself if he’s really that tough. We’ll find out at NYE.

New Year’s Evil host Dexter Lumis is drawing something after a break. It’s Ripley and Gonzalez - Last Woman Standing!

Ariya Daivari vs. Tyler Rust

Bivens comes over to the announce desk to hype up his guy to Vic & Wade while his guy controls the action. Rust spins Ariya around and locks in an armbar. Daivari comes back with an enzuigiri before snapping the Rust’s neck in the ropes before dropkicking him off of the apron. Back inside, Rust locks in a triangle choke before Ariya gets to the ropes for the break. They trade strikes, then Rust locks in a double armbar and forces Daivari to verbally submit.

Tyler Rust def. Ariya Daivari via submission

Ruff is leaving Mr. Regal’s office, and tells Mitchell he just got a rematch for the North American title. Next week, he’ll prove the Gargano curse is still real.

We see Cole (with Strong) and Dream heading to the ring for the main event.

After a break, Kross responds to Priest. He’s not amused by Damian taunting his woman or questioning his manhood, but he is fascinated by him. Doomsday is coming. Tick tock.

Velveteen Dream vs. Adam Cole

Dream stalls at the start. Cole controls after a lock-up with a headlock. He evades a slap and lands strikes in the corner, and responds after Dream gets some offense in with a headkick and a clothesline. More strikes, which causes Dream to beg for mercy. He doesn’t get any. Whip followed by a boot in the corner. Comeback countered into a jumping neckbreaker. Battle on the apron ends with Dream being pump kicked to the floor. Back into the ring where Dream scoops him up. Cole escapes and they collide head-to-head out of the corner, both going down.

Pete Dunne suddenly runs down and attacks Strong at ringside! Dunne unloads and slams Strong into the edge of the apron with a Bitter End. Dream take advantage and levels Cole but Cole kicks out at 2. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial. Heel in control on the small screen, as always.

Cole starts his comeback when we return, as always. Dream eats an enziguri and German suplex for two. Velveteen returns fire with a neckbreaker that gets him a nearfall. He blocks a Figure Four and sends Cole outside. Dream wants the axe handle off the top but leaps into a superkick to the gut.

Too hurt to get back in, Dream rolls around on the outside while Cole takes a breather in the corner. The Panama City Playboy pounces with another superkick and locks in the Figure Four. Dream makes it to the ropes while writhing in pain and calling for his mother, but responds quickly with a DDT. He goes up top and connects on the Purple Rainmaker but Cole kicks out! Another back-and-forth ends with a superkick from the former NXT champ. Last Shot ends it.

Adam Cole def. Velveteen Dream via pinfall

Cole tells the camera how great Undisputed ERA is and how Kyle is going to bring the title home in two weeks as the logo shows up in the corner and we fade out.