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WWE Raw viewership up from record low for TLC fallout show

Last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw did record low viewership for WWE just six days before the TLC pay-per-view (PPV). The numbers have been trending this way for some time now, but it was jarring nonetheless.

Thanks to said PPV, the numbers were up for this week, as the show drew 1.69 million viewers, up from last week’s 1.53 million.

The hourly breakdown looks bad:

Hour one: 1.84 million
Hour two: 1.70 million
Hour three: 1.53 million

But the Wrestling Observer reports on why that’s not as bad as it seems:

The 17 percent first-to-third hour drop was above usual levels, but the declines were almost all over 50, and under-50 male viewers actually increased as the show went on, which for 18-49, is something that rarely happens.

There were rumors that WWE was planning a response to viewership hitting such shocking lows, and that came in the form of announcing a “Legends Night” for the first episode of 2021. We’ll see if viewers stick around for that.

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