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How much wrestling actually happened at TLC 2020?

WWE featured six total matches on the main card of TLC 2020 (Sun., Dec. 20).

The main card of this pay-per-view (PPV) lasted 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 51 seconds (2h 59m 51s). Here is a sorted list of the bell-to-bell times for the six matches that took place during this event:

  • 27m 00s: Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles vs. The Miz
  • 24m 45s: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens
  • 12m 42s: Sasha Banks vs. Carmella
  • 12m 00s: Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton
  • 10m 00s: Jax & Baszler vs. Asuka & Flair
  • 9m 54s: New Day vs. The Hurt Business

These times add up to 1h 36m 21s, which is roughly 53.6% of the show. For comparison’s sake, the overall match time percentage for all WWE PPVs since the start of 2013 is 54.1%.

The WWE championship match was primarily contested between Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles, but Miz was added to the match for the final 5m 20s thanks to the Money in the Bank contract.

The bell never rang to signal the end of Orton’s victory in the Firefly Inferno match. Therefore I stopped the clock when Wyatt was set on fire for the first time. Orton burned Wyatt to a crisp a few minutes later, but before that happened the commentators acknowledged that Orton already won the match.

On the fallout episode of Raw, Charlotte Flair noted on commentary that it will be easy for her to wrestle on multiple WWE brands because she can split that workload with Asuka. So I decided to see how their team workload was split at TLC. Flair and Asuka won the Women’s tag titles in a match that lasted 10m 00s. Flair was the legal competitor for roughly 4m 08s of the bout, with Asuka taking care of the remaining 5m 52s. So it looks like Flair knows what she is talking about.

Are you surprised by any of these results, Cagesiders? Which of these matches received less (or more) time than you hoped for?

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