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Reigns. Owens. A steel cage. Merry Christmas!

Jey Uso played a major and recurring role in TLC’s excellent Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens Universal title match last night (Dec. 20).

Because it was such a good match - not surprising given the talent of the men involved, KO’s track record of ladder match excellence, and the amazing run Reigns has been on since returning with his updated character in August, fans wanted more. The involvement of Uso justified WWE giving us more.

And we won’t have to wait long to get more, and with a logical stipulation, too!

While part of me thinks this could wait, a bigger part of me doesn’t care. Strike while the iron is hot, and give folks a reason to spend Christmas night watching FOX. We all know steel cages don’t actually keep people out anyway, so it’s likely Jey gets in the mix again... and maybe brings Daniel Bryan out of hibernation, leaving us with two feuds heading into Royal Rumble next month.

Another interesting wrinkle here is that WWE is taping this week’s SmackDown tomorrow (Tues., Dec. 22). Will fans who Zoom into ThunderDome honor the terms of their participation and keep spoilers under wraps until Friday? Or will the results of this - and the Big E vs. Sami Zayn Intercontinental title match that was set-up by E pinning Zayn in TLC’s Kickoff eight-man tag - be online for days ahead of broadcast?

Who cares? Santa’s bringing us more KO vs. Roman!

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